Summer Motorcycle Jacket

The Best Summer Motorcycle Jacket 2020

A summer motorcycle jacket is a key item for any keen motorcycle rider. When the weather is warm, you do not want to be wearing a heavier and thicker motorcycle jacket that can make you feel uncomfortable in the summer heat. Best practice is to own a both a thinner material jacket along with a thicker jacket so that you are covered for all seasons and still have your safety in mind.

There are plenty of motorcycle brands within the market that provide summer motorcycle jacket which are breathable and lightweight but can still protect you to the highest standards. We have reviewed some of the best summer motorcycle jackets for you to pick from so that you are not left searching franticly before the start of this year’s summer.

Whatever your budget in mind is, we hopefully have provided you with a solution, but please bear in mind that a motorcycle jacket can save your life and is worth every bit of money that you spend on it. A motorcycle jacket is as important as your helmet.

The best summer motorcycle jacket we reviewed was the Dainese Super Speed Tex motorcycle jacket. We felt that this lightweight jacket was the perfect balance of protection and comfort along with the price tag not being too much.

Viking Cycle IronbornTextile/Mesh
Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0Mesh
HHR Dualsport Enduro 5.0Polyester
Alpinestar T-GP Plus R V2Polyester
Dainese Super Speed TexDuratex, Boomerang
Harley Davidson Command LeatherLeather
Joe Rocket 1516-4504 Phoenix IonMesh

Viking Cycle Ironborn Summer Motorcycle Jacket

This affordable summer motorcycle jacket is a great purchase if you are on a budget. The sizing goes up to XXXX-Large and has adjustable ventilation with multiple storage pockets ensuring that you can adjust your comfort as your please by letting fresh air in.

Features of the Viking Cycle Ironborn jacket include:

  • Adjustable ventilation to allow different amounts of air flowing around the jacket.
  • CE approved armor – 600D Cordura armor padding for your back, elbows and shoulders.
  • Multi pocket storage to ensure you can carry all your essentials.
  • Quality workmanship for affordable prices.
  • 6 point sure fit adjustment arrangement within the jacket for your perfect fit.
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Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Summer Motorcycle Jacket

Joe rocket is a brand that you should be familiar with. They produce affordable motorcycle wear that still does what it should be able to do. This summer motorcycle jacket looks fashionable and you will feel comfortable whilst riding in this.

The features of the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 jacket are:

  • Free air shell reinforced with RockTex within the shoulders, elbows and ribs (CE Approved).
  • Removable spine pad with option for additional spine armor.
  • Removable waterproof liner.
  • 6 point secure fitting points for perfect fit.
  • Multiple pockets including for eye glasses.
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HHR Dualsport Enduro Summer Motorcycle Jacket

Another durable and effective budget motorcycle jacket. You can feel comfortable that you will be breathable and protected within this jacket. The jacket is fashionable and safe and was created for year round riding.

Features of the HHR Dualsport Enduro jacket are:

  • 600D Cordura fabric on all impact areas along with CE armored areas.
  • Several internal and external pockets in all different sizes.
  • Waist connection zip for motorcycle pants.
  • 2 air ventilation panels on each arm.
  • Neoprene lined collar to stop rubbing and rashes around the neck.
  • Detachable insulated thermal liner.
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Alpinestar T-GP Plus R V2 Summer Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestar are a big player in the motorcycle world of clothing. You cannot go wrong with purchasing one of these jackets. This model was made specifically for breathability and keeping you cool whilst riding.

The Alpinestar T-GP Plus R V2 jacket has the following features:

  • Poly-fabric stretch insert on shoulders for flex fit.
  • 3D mesh collar for comfort and breathability.
  • Waist adjustment for secure fitting.
  • Lumbar coverage preventing the jacket rising over pants.
  • CE certified protection.
  • Waist connection zip for motorcycle pants.
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Dainese Super Speed Tex Summer Motorcycle Jacket

Dainese is another top quality motorcycle brand that has been around for some time. They are a proven brand that ensures that their products are protective to the best quality giving you that piece of mind. They also are fashionable which means others will be asking where you bought yours!

The features of the Dainese Super Speed Tex jacket are as follows:

  • Reflective inserts.
  • Windstopper fabric which is highly breathable and waterproof.
  • Pockets to remove protection and add additional protection.
  • Multiple pockets.
  • Super speed dry fabrics to provide excellent ventilation.
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Harley Davidson Command Leather Summer Motorcycle Jacket

How can we have a review and no mention Harley Davidson’s offering? These leather jackets offer a fashionable casual look whilst still being breathable and comfortable. They display the iconic Harley Davidson brand over the jacket in subtle areas.

The features of the Harley Davidson Command Leather jacket are:

  • Buffalo leather and polyester mesh lining.
  • 2 front vents with a vented comfort action back.
  • Snap tabs to attach motorcycle pants or jeans.
  • Elbows, shoulders and back protected.
  • External and internal pockets.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
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Joe Rocket 1516-4504 Phoenix Ion Summer Motorcycle Jacket

Another Joe Rocket summer motorcycle jacket that deserves to be on the list. This jacket is very breathable and well ventilated which is perfect for those summer rides with friends. You will be one of the most comfortable riders in your group with these.

Features of the Joe Rocket 1516-4504 Phoenix Ion jacket are:

  • FreeAir cooling mesh shell.
  • Waterproof and insulated liners.
  • CE approved armor.
  • 6 Point secure fit adjustable system.
  • Reinforced upper back, ribs and forearms.
  • Build in earphone port for special smartphone pocket.
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Summer Motorcycle Jacket Buying Guide

Summer motorcycle jacket technology has improved greatly over the years in regards to both protection and usability. Below is a buying guide to summer motorcycle jackets to make sure you are as informed as possible before making your purchase.


When searching for a motorcycle jacket to buy, you should go for one that is of excellent quality but still within your price bracket. Usually, the material used in the manufacture of the jacket considerably affects the price, with leather traditionally being the more expensive in comparison to most of the textiles.

However, when looking for a first jacket, it is advisable to go for the entry level jackets to the middle-priced jackets. Therefore, you must go for a coat which safety is the number one priority, with other bonuses such as a great appearance being a bonus. As you get to understand your preferences, you can now start purchasing if you like the more expensive jackets.

Comfort and Fit

You must first think about your body position while riding, not just how comfortable the jacket is when trying in a store. Furthermore, you must remember the location of your arms, back, and shoulders while you are riding, with a jacket that is a perfect fit being too short when you are reaching forward on your motorcycle. It could cause you injuries in case of an accident since your wrist, and lower back gets exposed.

Another aspect to consider that improves your comfort while on the road is vital, with leather in comparison to textile taking more time to break and soften, whereas leather is more flexible instantly.

A good ventilation mechanism is also a factor to consider, and this is especially important if you come from a region with hot weather and offers you a fresh feel. Ensure that the jacket is breathable and offers multiple ventilation areas that you can control through zips.

Type of Motorcycle Jacket

There are different types of motorcycle jackets including touring jackets, sportbike jackets, café jackets and cruiser jackets with the use determining which feature are most vital in each of the different styles of jackets.

Each jacket type has its features, restrictions, and purpose and therefore as a rider, you must know the style and cut of the jacket to understand how best it might be of a benefit to you. Consequently, knowing this information assists riders to recognize which specific jacket best meets their desires, offer protection and riding style.


It is the most critical feature for all motorcycle jackets, despite the need to go for a fashionable looking jacket being an attractive option.

Therefore, the safety features you must consider when looking for a motorcycle jacket that provides abrasion and impact protection. Safety features you must first consider include double and triple layers of materials and armor to absorb shock after an accident, as well as padding; subsequently this keeps you safe from suffering internal injuries and broken bones. Moreover, Kevlar, Leather, Cordura and other human-made textiles offer you protection from abrasion injuries plus also the loss of muscle and skin.


Motorcycle jackets are essential safety clothing which aid a motorcycle rider’s impact in the event this occurs. Price and design is a big consideration when purchasing a jacket but safety should be the main topic being considered. Even with the summer season warranting a more breathable jacket, protection is ultimately still the main factor for purchasing the right summer motorcycle jacket.

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