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The Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 2020

Motorcycle tank bags are a very useful accessory for the touring motorcycle rider or even the everyday rider along with panniers. A motorcycle tank bag can aid with having a visual item to hand such as a map within the top see-through pouch and can also give the rider that extra storage room without restricting the their movement whilst riding.

The tank bag can be bought in various shapes, sizes, materials and be fixed through various different ways to suit the rider’s needs and mount of items they want to store with easy access.

Our favourite motorcycle tank bag is the Vuz Moto Motorcycle Tank Bag Backpack. The reason for this is that is looks stylish and can be utilized as a backpack once the rider has completed their journey to help carry essential items. 

Best Motorcycle Tank Bags

Motorcycle Tank BagDimensions
OHMOTOR Tank Bag13.78" x 6.69" x 3.94"
MOOTOO MB018 Tank Bag16.53" x 9.84" x 8.66"
Vuz Moto Tank Bag17.80" x 13.60" x 3.00"
Dowco Iron Rider 50130-00 Tank Bag11.80" x 8.00" x 6.10"
AZTOP Tank Bag13.17" x 7.87" x 3.94"

OHMOTOR Motorcycle Tank Bag


  • The bags come with four strong magnets which help you firmly fasten the bag to the tank. This ensures it does not fall off in whatever even when riding at high speed.
  • It is made from 1680 Oxford fabric with this material being waterproof. This thereby guarantees everything in the bag will be safe. This is even in the event the bag comes into contact with water during light showers.
  • It has a capacity of approximately four liters. Moreover, the bag’s dimensions are 35cm by 17cm by 10cm. This is enough proof that the bag is big to accommodate a lot of goods. At the same time, it still will be convenient to carry around.
  • There are a total of four pockets in this bag, so there is always adequate space to satisfy all your storage needs.
  • You can put on top of this bag a mobile phone of 4.7 inches or smaller which you can use a GPS. Furthermore, it allows touchscreen functionality.


  • Since it has four pockets, this bag is exceedingly convenient, and it enables you to easily separate and organize your things with much ease into the different pocket compartments.
  • With this bag, you are sure of the security of everything inside the bag since the four magnets firmly attach to the tank thus giving you some sense of relief over the safety of your goods.
  • The bag is made from 1680 Oxford fabric material which is water-resistant. Subsequently, everything inside the pack in the event you get caught up in the rain or bag slips into water is still safeguarded and its functionality is not ruined.
  • You can put inside this bag a mobile phone and use it as your GPS while on the road. Furthermore, it allows touch screen functionality. This means you can still handily use this bag even while still riding on your motorcycle.
  • This bag’s measurement and a capacity is around four liters. The bag is big enough to accommodate everything you may need to carry along while on the road trip.
  • The bag has very robust zippers. These guarantee the security of everything you put inside the bag. They are very smooth for general usage.
  • The bag has flaps that have magnetic folding. This means they stick to each other. Additionally, you can use this straps as shoulder straps when carrying your bag.
  • Despite having strong magnets to attach the bag to the bike tightly, the bag also comes with long straps. These are long enough for the extra safety of your bag.
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Mootoo Motorcycle Tank Bag


  • The bag is made from PVC material. Also, it is a unisex color thus its use is excellent for both men and women.
  • The presence of robust magnet designs makes sure that this bag quickly and firmly attaches to the motorcycle. It subsequently provides added safety of the bag and its contents.
  • Its design features an extra-large space, a removable shoulder girdle, and a long zipper. This proves to have all the vital elements a perfect tank bag should have.


  • Since it has powerful magnets, this bag can firmly attach to the bike’s tank. This prevents the loss of any of your valuables that are in the bag.
  • It is big enough to accommodate with ease all the equipment you will require during your trip. This is a significant boost as it makes you carry all of your luggage conveniently.
  • With its unisex PVC materials, this bag is excellent for use for both genders. It makes it practical in the real world applications.
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VUZ Moto Tank Bag


  • With its new and upgraded tank pad with an anti-scratch feature, your bike is kept scratch-free, and it also maintains the bike’s brand new look for a lengthy period.
  • The bag has a dimension of 18 x 8 x 11 and has a capacity of about 22 liters. Therefore, due to the vast space available, you are even able to carry along your helmet and put in your bag, with this significantly improving the bag’s practicality.
  • It is 100 percent water-resistant, and this is because the bag is made from tarpaulin along with the zippers thereby making it very resilient. Thus, with this bag, you are sure of the safety of your things while inside the bag especially when you find yourself caught up in the rain.
  • Also, this bag has a dual function that is, serving as both a tank bag and backpack. With its magnets and tuck away backpack straps, the presence of a shielding and non-scratch mounting base makes sure your tank is always protected. Furthermore, it also does deliver breathable back support.
  • A total of six magnets are present for the firm and safe connection of the bag to the motorcycle’s metal tank. The six magnets are placed three on each wing.
  • Presence of 6 D-rings on the backpack’s exterior offers additional space for any extra cargo you may have as well as providing a mounting ability.
  • Included in the backpack straps are a bottle opener and modifiable chest straps which allow you to change the chest straps to the size you wish them to be.


  • It has a total space of 22 liters, hence making this motorcycle tank bag perfect when you need to carry a lot of luggage during your trip. Furthermore, due to its humongous size, you can carry along standard helmets as well as Viking helmets thereby improving your safety and of anyone else who may be on the motorcycle with you.
  • Since it has a total of six magnets, this bag firmly holds onto any metal tank thus guaranteeing that you do not misplace any of your stuff while taking a drive. Consequently, it proves to be hugely reliable in keeping all your stuff during rides safe.
  • The tarpaulin used in the bag’s construction makes this bag waterproof. Subsequently, you can rely on the bag’s durable and sturdy construction to give you the surety that your stuff inside the bag is safe.
  • Having an anti-scratch feature guarantees you that your motorcycle still looks brand new and is free from scratches. Therefore, the aesthetic appeal of your bike is always maintained.
  • The existence of a transparent panel on the bag’s front fits your phone perfectly; thus you can use your phone to seek GPS navigation routes. Additionally, the inner sleeve of the bag can fit a 15-inch laptop proving the bag’s usefulness.
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Dowco Iron Rider 50130-00 Motorcycle Tank Bag


  • Despite these bags having a design meant to be slim-lined and stable, they have a massive amount of space inside to easily store all the valuables you may need during your road trip.
  • Iron Rider bags come with a two-year warranty with this being a guarantee of the incredible quality of the pack.
  • The company has carried out great innovations in proofing technologies and water resistance. Consequently, this has seen the production of bags that can keep all your valuables dry and from the extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, the pack offers structural integrity rivaled by no other bag in the market.
  • It is a universal fit for all cruiser motorcycles with a metal tank. This makes this bag convenient and practical in all day applications.
  • The bag’s map pocket is made from the UV-resistant plastic film. This ensures you can quickly locate this pocket when you are in need of your map to understand the directions of where you are headed.
  • The bag has magnets stitched on the bag and has a non-skid shielding pad. This is to tightly hold in place the bag during the ride. At the same time, the bag will not damage the tanks exterior appearance.


  • The bag’s construction uses waterproof polyester and zippers. This guarantees the safety of every device you have inside the pack. In the event of light showers and other extreme weather conditions, your items will be safe.
  • Being a universal fit all cruiser style bikes that have a metal tanks makes purchasing this bag ideal. You will be able to use the bag on most of the available in the market. This makes this bag highly practical.
  • The bag has a non-skid protective pad. It will not cause any scratches on your motorcycle’s tank. This safeguards your bike’s stylishness and looks.
  • Since the bag has a two-year warranty, you have an adequate period to seek a replacement or repair if you find the bag to has some faults, with its long warranty period being proof of the company’s confidence in the quality of these bags.
  • These tank bags design are slim-lined and solid thereby making them have a reasonably large storage space for you to put all the equipment you might need during the road trip, and this makes it very convenient.
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AZTOP Motorcycle Tank Bag


  • The bag is manufactured with 1680 Oxford fabric and 800d Nylon. Thus both being material of excellent quality, resistant to wear and tear. The pack is durable enough to serve you for a very long time. It can withstand the test of time due to the sturdy nature of both of these materials.
  • Presence of strong magnets that are also very thick guarantees that the bags firmly attaches to the motorcycle’s tank. This assures you the safety of everything in the bag and the bag itself. Furthermore, fastening belts with a buckle are also built-in this improving further the security of your pack.
  • The bag has four pockets that you can use as a storage for your luggage. This could be cards or money. This is very useful mainly while taking short trips around your neighbourhood.
  • Since the bag is made from waterproof material, you can ride your motorcycle even in light showers and still be confident of the safety of any electronic equipment you have stored inside the bag. Hence, this makes this bag very dependable and handy in various weather scenarios.
  • The bag’s artistry is excellent with the sewing being great. This makes the bag’s appearance one to admire.
  • On top of the bag is a specially designed cell phone bag that is transparent. This allows you to put your phone in and thereby enabling you to watch or use it in navigation. This can be carried out whilst you are taking your trip. Moreover, the cell phone part fits a wide range of phones perfectly.


  • Being waterproof makes it possible to use this tank bag even in light rain. This considerably increases the safety of your gadgets in the bag, especially electronic devices.
  • The bag is manufactured from high-quality 800D Nylon and 1680 Oxford fabric. The bag offers you fantastic durability consequently going on and serving you for a long time.
  • Having excellent craft improves the look of the bag. This makes you feel comfortable carrying it along always during your drives.
  • Presence of four pockets significantly increases the practicality of this bag.  You will be able to carry along your valuables be it money or credit cards in one of the pockets. These many compartments make it easy to differentiate pockets which you  have stored different equipment in.
  • It has a unique see-through cell phone pocket on the top of the bag. This means you can carry either your navigator or phone conveniently. It does fit a wide range of phones therefore not restricting your choice.
  • The strong magnets along with the buckle make sure that your bag is safely attached to your tank. It also eliminates any possibility of you losing your tank bag when riding.
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Motorcycle Tank Bags Buying Guide

Motorcycle tank bags aid in carrying more luggage for the rider which is a bonus when travelling those longer distances or touring. They also provide a clear view for items such a maps or mobile phones to enable the rider full viewing safely.

Below is a guide to aid your decision and ensure you buy the correct motorcycle tank bag for your motorcycle.

Choice of Material

Majority of the tanks come with a nylon exterior material that is black, durable and waterproof. However, there are some notable differences in the quality of the exterior material, and this significantly varies depending on price, with high-quality bags being more expensive in comparison to lower quality bags.

Additionally, the interiors come with a light-color to make locating valuable inside the bag a lot easier.

Various Mounting Options

There are numerous mounting options available, and that includes a magnetic base, clamp-on tank ring, and strap-mount. Therefore, before deciding on a tank bag that will best suit your needs, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following three options. It is because each of these three different options requires different space on the bike’s tank, if the bike’s tank is magnetic or not, and ease of mounting and removing the tank bag as well as lastly the ease of the tank bag getting stolen.

How and when you Plan to Use the Tank Bag

There are numerous factors you need to identify before purchasing a tank bag and this include whether you intend to carry a lot of luggage if the pack will always be on the motorcycle, do you travel alone or with a partner and if you need the tank bank just for trips and tours.

Moreover, other considerations you should have in mind include if you ride all year through all types of weather, how often you ride and the design of your motorcycle.

With all these main considerations in mind, you will be able to make an informed decision on a tank bag that will suit all your needs.

Tank Bag That Suits your needs and your bike

If you plan to use the tank bag for long trips, you should purchase a tank bag that is large enough to fit all of your valuables, whereas if you intend to use the bag for day trips, a smaller tank bag is appropriate. However, when deciding on a tank bag, you should also have in mind that if a tank bag is too big, it will significantly interfere with your ability to run your bike as well as reducing your comfort while riding your motorcycle.

Furthermore, some of the tank bags inconvenience you while driving when fully loaded since they get in your way making you experience a reduced level of control over your bike. Thus, it is vital before purchasing a tank bag that you first fasten it on your bike to see if it is a perfect fit. In case that is not allowed, you should deal with a shop that lets you return an unspoiled bag after first testing it and seeing if it suits your needs.


When choosing a motorcycle tank bag, various points influence the rider to choose the certain product. These are size, material and usability on the motorcycle.

Tank bags are a very useful accessory to any rider that frequently travels with a number of items and is definitely worth the investment.

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