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The Best Motorcycle Stand 2020

A Motorcycle stand is a useful bit of equipment to own when you are in possession of a motorcycle. It aids in supporting your motorcycle to stay upright whilst you carry out maintenance, work or even just decide to clean it!

You would regret the decision if you did not have one as you will likely be in a situation where you need to repair or park up your motorcycle for a proper look. A motorcycle stand can adequately support any motorcycle for any needs at any time, especially if your motorcycle did not come with a centre stand when you purchased it.

There are so many motorcycle stands available to buy within the market which is why we have written this article to ensure you are knowledgeable when purchasing your stand. Ensure to read the below so that you are happy with your purchase.

The best motorcycle stand is the Venom Sport Front and Rear Combo Stand because it is a universal motorcycle stand which means it will fit most motorcycles and do what it is supposed to set out and do. It is a great purchase if it is your first one.

Even though we believe the Venom Sport Front and Rear Combo Stand may be the best value for money, we have highlighted the rest of the best of motorcycle stands – Any of the below should meet your motorcycling needs!

Motorcycle StandWeight
Moto-D Swingarm10.00lbs (Front & Rear)
Venom Combo20.00lbs
Orion Motor Tech Scissor Lift27.10lbs
Grand Pitstop Wheel Roller1.76lbs
Extreme Max 560025.00lbs
Kendon Folding Table Lift185.00lbs



This motorcycle stand comes in a pair (one for front and one for the rear) for your motorcycle. This means that your motorcycle can be fully off the ground to complete maintenance or other activities.

Some features of the MOTO-D Swingarm stand include:

  • Aluminum stands (front and rear) with articulating rollers for easy lifting.
  • Rubber/soft lining inline wheels.
  • Adjustable width turn knobs.
  • 1 Year USA warranty.
  • Fits all modern motorcycles with rear swingarm spools.
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This motorcycle stand combination of front and rear has been designed so that it is universal, meaning that most motorcycles should be able to fit on the stands. They also represent very good value for money.

The best features of the Venom Combo Stands are:

  • Whole motorcycle can be lifted.
  • Material of stand is high grade steel, which means it is robust.
  • Engineered with a leverage ratio to aid in easy and safe use.
  • Wheels on the bottom to easily move around.
  • Front stand is rubber coated where it connects to your motorcycle or safe use.
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Scissor lift jacks are a simple way to lift your motorcycle and are usually compact so do not take up much storage space. They also have a simple T-handle which rotates to lift the jack.

Features of the Orion Motor Tach Dilated Scissor Lift Jack are:

  • Can hold up to 1,200lbs in weight.
  • Durable steel body which is easy to clean.
  • Lift range of up to 13 inches.
  • Rubber deck to stop damage to the motorcycle.
  • Anti-corrosive coating.
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This small and compact roller stand is a small, compact and transportable way to lift your motorcycle tire off the ground to do maintenance, etc. They are light and can be carried in your backpack Also see our review on best motorcycle backpacks so that you have something to put your roller stand in.

The features of the roller stand include:

  • Different sized stands can be bought dependant on your wheel size.
  • Ideal for chain cleaning or maintenance.
  • Roller stand can be used for both front and rear wheel.
  • Easy to use.
  • Steel and aluminium non-skid backing for great stability.
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The solid stand gives you full comfort that your motorcycle will not fall over when locked into this contraption as with added sturdiness when the tie-down straps are utilized, this is a great motorcycle stand.

The Extreme Max Wheel Chock has features that include:

  • Easy assembly and heavy duty.
  • Nylon tie-down straps with dual safety clips to ensure secureness. These have a 2000lb rating.
  • Roll your motorcycle onto the wide stand for great stability.
  • Pivoting cradle locks the front tire in place.
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This stand is a lot more heavyweight compared to other motorcycle stands reviewing within this article. It contains an air and hydraulic jack to ensure your motorcycle can be lifted to the desired height without any problem at all.

The features of the Kendon Folding Table Lift Stand are as follows:

  • Table can hold up to 1000lbs in weight.
  • Can double as an ATV lift table.
  • Space saving by the table folding into itself as when packed together, the stand is 17” x 29”.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Two tie down loops for both front and rear tires for security.
  • Fully raised, you can have a working height of 32” from the floor.
  • Oil drain pan and other accessories available to purchase.
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Below is a list of different motorcycle stands with a brief description of what they do. This is so that you can decide which type would be best suited to yourself. Certain stands will cost more than other depending on how basic or complex they are.


Make sure you have room to store the stand. Motorcycle stands can come in a range of sizes which can cause a problem if stored in garages.


Price is an important thought when purchasing a motorcycle stand. If you are not going to be using it much, you will want a stand that is cheaper than others but be aware they will not last as long as they probably will not be as robust. If you are after one to use constantly, you would be more inclined in purchasing a more expensive, robust one with better quality materials.


Most stands are easy to maintain, you just need to be keep them clean and depending if they have wheels, make sure these do not seize up. If you purchase a hydraulic lift stand, these take more time to maintain as they have a motor.


The weight of your motorcycle stand should be considered as if it is too heavy, you will struggle to put it away to store when not using and then struggle to bring it out to use for your motorcycle.




A static stand is used for straightening and balancing wheels but can also be very useful for other maintenance and cleaning reasons.


This type of stand does not just support your motorcycle to stand without aid, it also lifts the vehicle up so the required works can be carried out on the bike. This means that your bike can be at a better level to allow less restricted access below the motorcycle.


The triangle stand is great for motorcycles that are without a kickstand and need an additional sturdy element to help keep the motorcycle in place whilst working on it or keeping it stored.


This type of stand is adjustable on a hydraulic jack which enables you to lift and lower your motorcycle whenever needed and also means any maintenance or works can be carried out on the motorcycle at any height.



The ultimate decision for which motorcycle stand to purchase comes down to a couple of points. These are the following:

  • What type of motorcycles you will be lifting the most with the stand.
  • The reasons you want to keep the bike upright or off the floor, for example maintenance or cleaning.
  • How often are you actually going to be using the stand.

The budget you have for purchasing a stand. You will want the best value for money to ensure the stand does what you set out for it to do

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