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The Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion 2020

Motorcycle seats can become a pain when you are riding a lot or long distances. Not everyone’s buttocks are made the same and this is why you may feel pain on your motorcycle’s standard manufactured seat. This is where a Motorcycle seat cushion comes into play as they can help relieve any pain that you are being caused.

Your ride can be ruined by an uncomfortable seat. This could cause you to have numbness and pain which can then extend beyond your buttocks up your back and down your legs. All of this can put you off riding your motorcycle more often.  A motorcycle seat cushion is an easy and affordable resolution to aid in eliminating any discomfort when you are riding. The seat cushion just fixes on top of your current motorcycle seat to give you the increased comfort that you desire.

There are so many motorcycle seat cushions available to buy within the market which is why we have written this article to ensure you are knowledgeable when purchasing your seat cushion. Ensure to read the below so that you are happy with your purchase. A good seat cushion along with good motorcycle pants can make all the difference to your ride comfort.

The best motorcycle seat cushion is the Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser motorcycle seat cushion. This give you the best of value and comfort combined, which leaves you and your wallet riding off happy!

Even though we believe the Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser motorcycle seat cushion may be the best value for money, we have highlighted the rest of the best of motorcycle seat cushions for you to choose what is the best for you. Any of the below will meet your motorcycling needs.

ProductMaterial Infill
Air HawkAir Pocket
SturgisGel & Memory Foam
Wild AssGel & Airpocket
ButtyBuddyClose Cell Cushions


Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Motorcycle Seat Cushion

The Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser is our best rated motorcycle seat cushion. This is because it is small and travel sized which makes it easier for you to carry within your luggage when not being used. It also offers great support on your buttocks to distribute pressure of your body weight.

Features of the Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser are as below:

  • Pressure point support to reduce pressure on your back and legs.
  • Patented air cell technology which aids in preventing injuries.
  • Durable polyurethane material which is encased in breathable spacer mesh cloth.
  • Improved airflow under your buttocks when riding yet not effecting your ride height.
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SKOOWSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Seat Cushion

The SKOOWSH label is a well-known and popular brand with riders. You know you will be getting quality when purchasing one of these. You will be able to ride for longer periods with one of these underneath you.

Features of the SKWOOWSH Classic Saddle include:

  • Seat pad will not change distance to pegs and lower controls.
  • Breathable airflow fabric for a cooler ride.
  • Cutaway tailbone relief to ensure you ride is as comfortable as possible.
  • Non-skid bottom anchors cushion to seat.
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Sturgis Gel Motorcycle Seat Cushion

This gel motorcycle seat cushion is very versatile as can be used on many motorcycle brands. Within the cushion, you will find 3 layers of memory foam and a layer of gel. This gives you that extra bit of comfort for those touring holidays.

Features of the Sturgis Gel motorcycle seat cushion are as follows:

  • Sized at 11 inches x 9 inches.
  • Detachable style which has quick connect elastic straps and D-ring loops. These are included.
  • Breathable quilted cover to ensure cool riding within the warm weather.
  • Designed to reduce vibration and numbness along your ride with attached non-skid bottom.
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Conformax Topper Excel Ultra Flex Motorcycle Seat Cushion

The Conformax motorcycle seat cushion comes in a range of sizes depending on what you require. This is an advantage as this means you can choose the exact sizing you want. The hinged design topper gel cushion provides that extra comfort for those longer rides on tourers and cruisers. It targets the lower back as well as the buttocks.

Features of the Conformax Topper Excel Ultra Flex are as follows:

  • Gel on foam technology enables pain free riding.
  • Low profile comfort. The seat is only 1.25 inches thick.
  • Excellent air ventilation between rider and cushion for cool comfort.
  • Secure to current seat through adjustable a choice of strap systems. These are Velcro-type hook and loop fastening or universal D-ring tab.
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Wild Ass Smart Design AirGel Motorcycle Seat Cushion

The Wild Ass motorcycle seat cushion is a simple yet effective product. It combines a gel layer with air pockets to produce the perfect ride for you. It has three layers of polyurethane with gel pads between each air cell.

Features of the Wild Ass Smart Design AirGel are as follows:

  • Can be utilized without air so that you feel closer to the motorcycle.
  • Comes with additional cover.
  • Shaped for cruiser driver seats predominantly.
  • Can be purchased in 3 different materials to suit your budget needs. These are classic, AirGel and Lite.
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ButtyBuddy OS2018 Motorcycle Seat Cushion

The ButtyBuddy provides you with a wide spread support system so that pressure is distributed from your buttocks to the whole of the seat pad. The pad places over your existing motorcycle seat and has been created to make your ride the most comfortable but alleviating pressure evenly.

Features of the ButtyBuddy OS2018 are as below:

  • Comes in three parts for easy portable package when not using. Easy to put back together with snap on connections.
  • Universal fit to use on all motorcycle brands.
  • Close cell cushions with ventilated covers to keep your buttocks cool.
  • Over style requires simple one-time setup for fitment on passenger seats up to 11 inches in width.
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SKWOOSH Touring Natural Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Cushion

This SKWOOSH sheepskin motorcycle seat cushion is a soft and breathable cushion that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This seat cushion has a fluidized gel insert to prevent discomfort.

Features of the SKWOOSH Touring Natural Sheepskin are as follows:

  • Natural sheepskin wool which is breathable. And only 2 inches thick.
  • Tailbone relief through the specially design gel pack insert.
  • Non-skid bottom which anchors cushion to your seat.
  • Fixes to seat with convenient elastic snap strap.
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Motorcycle Seat Cushion Buying Guide

The below information is to ensure you are considering all options before purchasing that motorcycle seat cushion to keep your buttocks comfy and to suit yourself. Certain seat cushions will cost more than others depending on how basic or complex they are.

Size and Shape

Whichever seat you decide to choose, make sure it is the correct size for your motorcycle seat. You must always check that the dimensions of the seat cushion that you are purchasing can cover your current motorcycle seat. Most motorcycle seat cushion manufacturers will advise on the makes of motorcycles their products will fit.


Motorcycle seat cushions come in a vast of different materials. Make sure you choose the material that suits you the best. Some materials will be waterproof and others will not be. You should take this into account when looking for the right material for your seat cushion. The different types of motorcycle seat cushions are as follows:


This type of seat cushion uses air to distribute weight across the entire seat. This in turn gives you a more comfortable ride due to the even distribution of pressure. This in turn helps the avoidance of pain to your buttocks or circulation problems. The air pockets absorb most of the road vibrations helping you have a smoother ride.


This type of seat cushion has a layer of gel within the product which acts as the protection between your buttocks and the seat. These types of seat cushions will feel softer yet still have a supporting feel. The gel molds to your body to give it the support it requires.


Seat cushions made of foam are the most traditional way of being produced. Foam seat cushions can be manufactured in a soft finish are become more firm. This depends on the amount of layers that have been included. They are usually not as forgiving as gel or air pocket seat cushions unless you opt for a memory foam infill which adapts to your body positions when sat on it.


The biggest advantage of having sheepskin material is that it can help regulate your body temperature when riding. This means that it can keep you cool when you are warm, and warm when you are cold. It absorbs moisture to allow you to have a comfortable journey. The drawback with sheepskin is that they do not have as much padding compared to other materials.


You should consider the thickness of the seat cushion that you are looking at purchasing as this could affect your ride height. You would not want to purchase a thick seat cushion if you prefer the lower riding level. Your seat cushion can aid you in your ride height as to what you are looking for. You can purchase cushions that keep your ride height basically the same or give you a higher ride height.


Motorcycle seat cushions come in a range of prices which range up into the hundreds of pounds. You can also purchase custom made which will increase the cost of the seat cushion. Cost is a big decision and you should consider the value you are getting for the money you are paying. You could use the seat cushion every time you end up riding which means that you will get value for money. If you only ride occasionally, it may be worth evaluating the amount you spend.



The decision of which motorcycle seat cushion will always come down to what fits you personally. Make sure you choose what you think is best for your needs, as everyone has different ideas, requirements and buttocks! Always consider the following:

  • How large do you want the seat cushion.
  • The budget you have for purchasing a seat cushion. You want the best value for the money you are willing to part with.
  • How often will you be using the seat cushion.
  • Will you choose a universal fit or specific manufacturer fit.

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