Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount 2020

A Motorcycle phone mount is a convenient way to have visibility of your phone for the duration of your ride. This can become useful when using apps such as GPS, incoming calls that you can answer via Bluetooth through your helmet and much more.

The best motorcycle phone mount is the Roam Universal Cell Phone Mount, which will fit handlebars with a diameter ranging between 0.6 to 1.5 inches.

Most motorcycle cell phone mounts will allow you to connect your device to the mount via a cradle, bracket or grip mechanism. Each have their own benefits. You will want it to be as secure as possible when you are out on the road. This then can help you connect to your helmet bluetooth systems.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

Motorcycle Phone MountTypeOur Rating
Roam Universal PremiumCradle4.9
CAW CAR AccessoriesCradle4.8
IPOW Mount HolderBracket4.8
Ram Mounts RAM-B-149Z-UN7UGrip4.7
Okra Mount HolderBracket4.7

Having to reach for your phone whilst riding is not only unsafe, it could actually cause a crash with other users on the road. By having a motorcycle phone mount, this can not improve your safety but also make your ride more enjoyable.

It may be tempting to opt for the cheaper device to hold your phone but if you do choose to do so, be very cautious. They will not be as durable if there is any impact damage and the strength at which it holds your phone may be slightly unstable.

The motorcycle phone mounts attached to the handlebars to ensure that they remain stable. Below is a list of the best motorcycle phone mounts that can be attached via a grip, bracket or cradle mechanism.

Roam Universal Motorcycle Phone Mount

The ROAM universal cell phone mount is excellent for motorcycles and bike having tubular handlebars. It is able to fit handlebars with diameters ranging between 0.6 to 1.5 inches.  Some of the features of the ROAM Universal cell phone mount include:

  • Easy to install. Putting in place this mount is simple and does not necessitate the use of any tool. This means you can always have your phone safely attached to the handlebar. The silicone belts ensure added safety. This provides your cellphone a firm and secure grip to the handlebar during the entire trip.
  • The mount is lined with a rubber layer which makes sure the mount does not result into any scratches on the handlebar. This also maintains the handlebar’s great look.
  • Using its silicone net and premium tough plastic, it is easy to attach the mount to the handlebars. It also is easy to position how you want. It can allow the use of any calls, time, maps, location, application and music conveniently.
  • The mount is great for phones of varying sizes. This can be large or small and it will tightly grip onto any phone to a maximum of 3.5 inches wide.
  • Durable materials. The solid plastic used in the clamps are sturdy enough to resist breakage. They are very durable along with the silicone bands.
  • The company believes in quality products. They provide you with a Lifetime of Quality Policy due to high confidence in the quality of its products.


  • No tools necessary to attach this mount to the handlebars of any motorcycle or bicycle.
  • 6-point grip to the mobile device ensuring safe handling.
  • Robust and durable plastic is used in the manufacturing of the mount hence making it substantially resistant to vibrations.
  • Silicone strap butterfly design which is better at holding the cell phone firmly in place and more resilient in comparison to rubber butterfly straps.
  • ROAM developed clamp and cell phone bracket to stay strong enough and keep in place the rider’s mobile device safely and securely.
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CAW Metal Motorcycle Phone Mount

The CAW motorcycle phone mount can be fixed to any motorcycle handlebars with a diameter of o.6 to 1.5 inches using its ‘claw’ like fixing mechanism.

Features of the CAW Metal motorcycle cell phone mount include:

  • Universal mount making the installation of this cell phone mount straightforward on any tubular handlebars. This can be a diameter ranging between 0.6 to 1.5 inches. This makes it easily transferable between handlebars of different motorcycles or bicycles.
  • Silicone belts aid the rubberized clip which guarantee added security and shock absorbing capabilities. This ensures the mobile device is firmly held in place during the entire ride.
  • Access to all important areas of the cell phone. These include the buttons, screen or microphone jack in case the rider wants to listen to music. This assures mobile devices are completely safe to use as you are enjoying your ride.
  • Adjustable grip capable of rotating 360 degrees around the handlebars.
  • Attachment bracket is lined with a rubber layer which helps in preventing any scratches on the handlebars.


  • No tools required to fix to the handlebars of the motorcycle.
  • 100% money back guarantee if the user is not fully satisfied with the product.
  • Rubberized clip dramatically improves the mount’s shock absorbing capabilities
  • Silicone belts ensure the phone’s case is tightly held in place throughout the journey.
  • Significantly versatile and can be used on either motorcycles or bicycles.
  • 2 free eBooks included with the product – cycling tips eBook and the ten best riding applications.
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IPOW Motorcycle Phone Mount

The IPOW cell phone mount accompanies a range of cell phones through its clamp which can suit devices with a width of 2.3 to 3.5 inches.

Features of the IPOW cell phone mount include:

  • Solid metallic base mount that can resist breakage at high speeds or experience degradation while under sunlight. Furthermore, this metallic material is much more durable in comparison to plastic and will never break.
  • Shock absorbing capabilities, being able to resist breakage or damage even while riding at very high speeds, intense weather conditions or contact with another object. It is also strong enough to endure vibrations of the motorcycle to ensure viewing is not distorted.
  • Easy installation of the mount. No tools necessary to attach it to the handlebar and thus mounting the phone easily.
  • Adjustable frame to allow 360 degree rotation. Alter the position of the phone to any angle desired. This allows viewing the cell phone through portrait or landscape.
  • Universal bracket fit utilising a 3-step pivot meaning it can easily be mounted on any motorcycle or bicycle.
  • Shock-absorbing shim that can maintain a firm grip on the handlebars eradicating any vibrations ensuring maximum protection. The phone holder has an arc-shape spine to prevent the cell phone from dropping out whilst riding.
  • Additional rubber straps which latch on to the corners of the phone providing added security throughout riding eliminating any worries of the phone falling out during different terrains.
  • 12 month warranty included with purchase which also provides a full money back guarantee or product replacement in the circumstance of not being satisfied.


  • The company guarantees a complete refund or replacement if you are not 100% satisfied.
  • Relatively cheap product in comparison to other mounts available in the market.
  • The mount is made from durable materials making the product able to withstand the harsher weather environmental elements.
  • Compatible with a whole range of devices, be it a motorcycle or bicycle where the mount is easily attachable while still offering excellent grip performance to handle a mobile device.
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RAM B-149Z-UN7U Motorcycle Phone Mount

The RAM B-1492-UN7U cell phone mount dimensions require a space to allow a width of between 1.875 to 3.25 inches, a height of at least 2.25 to 4.25 inches with and a depth of 0.875 inches.

Features of the RAM B-1492-UN7U cell phone mount include:

  • Spring loaded ‘X-Grip’ cradle cell phone holder that can expand and contract depending on the size of your gadget, thereby allowing an excellent custom fit of your device.
  • The mount can easily attach to any handlebar of 0.50 to 1.25 inches in diameter. The base is a U-shaped zinc coated bolt base with black cover caps which upon placement expose ends of the U-bolt.
  • Patented rubber ball and socket system which is on both ends of the adjustable double socket arm. Subsequently, this allows the user infinite adjustment options and excellent viewing angles.


  • High quality materials used throughout the construction along with a durable composite that includes stainless steel and rustproof construction capabilities.
  • Due to its spring-loaded holder, the mount can hold a whole range of different devices easily with or without a protective case. This is vital in ensuring a diverse range of accessories are accommodated for safe travelling.
  • Ideal for harsher outdoor environments due to the material of the mount along with the strong grip.
  • Rubber coated tips to ensure that the device is securely and firmly held in place, thus able to withstand any strong winds or bumpy terrain.
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OKRA Motorcycle Phone Mount

Okra Universal Motorcycle and Bicycle Mount can easily attach to handlebars of different sizes be it on a bike or motorcycle. Furthermore, a whole range of smartphone and other handheld gadgets of a similar size can be held securely by this mount.

Features of the OKRA Cell Phone Mount include:

  • Practical motorcycle mount for all terrains and long trips whilst being assured your cell phone will be held in place safely against extreme vibrations and shaking.
  • Silicone bands wrap around your device on both sides ensuring the device is firmly and securely held in place.
  • Easily adjustable frame to change the angles of the phone to a position which you find preferable to view.
  • Small hex tool included to fasten the nut that attaches to the motorcycle’s handlebar. The installation process of the mount to the handlebar of the motorcycle is very straightforward.
  •  Lifetime warranty provided.


  • Equipped with extra phone straps, making it convenient in the event you misplace one.
  • Grip expansion of the mount means it can firmly and securely get a hold of all phones available in the market, be it with a case or without a case.
  • Robust and durable phone bracket and mounting clamp which is enough to hold your smartphone in place for the entire trip securely.
  • Installation of this mount is much more compatible with a variety of handlebars of different motorcycles and bicycles.
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Motorcycle Phone Mount Buying Guide

Motorcycle mounts are becoming increasingly popular and convenient for riders due to the nature of the world of handheld technology. People like to have instant access to their devices in any circumstances to enable them to stay connected.

This is where a motorcycle phone mount becomes very useful as they will be able to hold the phone in view of the rider at all times of their trip to aid with navigation, applications or phone calls. Below is a buying guide to help improve your knowledge on motorcycle mounts and therefore make an informed buying decision considering all aspects of the product.

Motorcycle Phone Mount

Durability, Safety and Sturdiness

Despite all these three seeming similar, they all have a different meaning. A mount made from durable materials will be sturdy consequently will not move around, slip or break. Furthermore, you want to be sure of your phone’s safety thus the mount should fit the phone comfortably.

Water Resistant

Majority of the phones are not waterproof, hence having a water-resistant cell phone mount leaves you confident your phone will be safe from damage. It is especially important when it is snowing or raining.

Low Profile

Whereas this has little to do with aerodynamics and much more in the instance you crash. You do not want the phone mount to clasp anything upon impact. The mount holds up great against crashes. This is partly due to durability, its closeness to handlebars also is of great help. Additionally, the closer your smartphone is to the stem or handlebars, the more steady it will be. This subsequently means less rattling and shaking while you are riding.

Quick and Easy Attachment/Detachment

Attaching the phone mount to the handlebars should not take two or more minutes. Therefore, you want a cell phone mount that is durable, secure and still easy to fasten to the handlebars.

Few Turning Parts

Whereas this is more of a personal preference, some great mounts can adjust from landscape to portrait, but you should always be careful. It is because the moving parts cause a situation whereby the more a part moves, the more likely they will break or malfunction.

Universal and Versatile

When deciding on which cell phone mount to purchase, you should always decide on one that can fit a majority of the phones in the market. It is because opting for some manufacturers design their mounts to fit specific phone models only, which might become an inconvenience when you change your phone model.

Conclusion of Motorcycle Phone Mount

Motorcycle phone mounts are becoming increasingly popular among riders. This is great as it allows riders to view their phone whilst riding to follow applications such as a sat-nav. These are not the answer to being completely safe as riders should not be using their mobile devices whilst riding.

Riders wanting to use their mobile devices whilst riding should invest in an intercom system or even a bluetooth helmet which connects to the mobile device to allow the user to hold conversations safely whilst riding.

Our recommendations suit beginner through to professional users to allow the best decision to be made possible.

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