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The Best Motorcycle Pants 2020

Motorcycle pants are an item of clothing that can divide opinions between riders. They are a fundamental item of safety along with motorcycle jackets but some people do not choose to wear these. The benefits of motorcycle pants are that they keep the rider a lot safer than no motorcycle pants worn. If a rider was to fall off their motorcycle, pants made for riding would aid in ensuring the rider has minimal damage to themselves.

Motorcycle pants can be bought in various materials and styles making them unique for the rider. They can be safe, fashionable and protect against the weather elements. Check out our other article on best motorcycle jeans too.

Our favorite motorcycle pants were the Xtreemgear pants as these were very versatile whilst upholding fashion and safety.

Best Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycle PantsType
Wicked StockTextile
Klim DakarTextile

Xtreemgear with Removable CE Armor PT5 Large Motorcycle Pants


  • Comes with a quilted liner which is entirely removable, as well as a stable and breathable water-resistant liner. Presence of these two liners subsequently makes these pants excellent to wear across all seasons.
  • The main shell construction is done using abrasion resistant 600 Denier Polyester. Furthermore, it uses heavy duty 1680 Denier Matte Polyester on the knees to offer the extra abrasion and scuff resistance.
  • Both the inseam and calf have four-way stretch fabric which provides flexibility plus a performance fit. Additionally, to improve comfort while riding, these motorcycle pants have a pre-curved and anatomical design.
  • It has a fly zipper entry which has a storm flap together with distinctive stitching. Additionally, it comes with a thigh length reflective piping which improves visibility during the night.
  • These pants have a dual waist adjustment system with the elastic panels and the waist belts offering an ultimate custom fit. Additionally, having an accordion-style expansion panel above the pant’s knees and at the rear waist provides improved flexibility.
  • Also, the knee wear is modifiable to fit your knee cup perfectly plus comes fully equipped with CE-accredited protection on both the hips and knees.
  • These pants come in a different measurement from that of regular jeans.


  • These pants are waterproof. These motorcycle pants guarantee that you remain completely dry even if caught up in a torrential rainfall downpour. Consequently, this makes you enjoy your trip and put more focus on the road.
  • Its liners which are breathable and waterproof. This is ideal for all the different seasons. This makes these pants exceedingly practical since you do not need a different motorcycle pant for each of the different seasons.
  • Being stitched with 600D Polyester textile makes these pants sturdy enough to resist fast wear and tear. Furthermore, in case of an accident, being abrasion resistant ensures the pants do not get easily damaged in comparison to other pants available in the market.
  • Abrasion resistance proves critical in the event of a crash. It minimizes the scratching impact on your body. This makes these pants increasingly helpful in offering you with much-needed safety while on the road. Moreover, the kneecaps that are CE-certified offer you the added protection.
  • Having reflective piping along the thigh length is crucial in improving your night-time visibility. This is something which helps in preventing you from getting involved in accidents. This is especially good if you often travel during the night.
  • Unlike other motorcycle pants, these pants have an ergonomic design. This subsequently allows you free movement while wearing these pants, as well as a perfect fit.
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Wicked Stock Riding Motorcycle Pants Black with Removable CE Armor PT1


  • These pants have a waterproof liner that is fixed plus an entirely detachable thermal liner which consequently make wearing these pants across the different seasons possible.
  • 2.600D Polyester has been used the construction of the pants main shell. Furthermore, the polyester is scuff, abrasion, and tear resistant thereby proving much reliable due to its sturdy construction fabric.
  • Usually, these motorcycle pants come in different sizes, unlike regular jeans. Therefore, when considering these pants, the measurement of regular jeans is entirely irrelevant.
  • These pants come with accordion-style expansion panels above the knees and at the waist level thus offers you increased flexibility while riding your motorbike. Additionally, the pants pre-curved and anatomical design helps in improving comfort as you are riding your bike.
  • To achieve a custom fit, these motorcycle pants have adjustable waist belts, snap closure as well as two zipped front hand pockets.
  • Comes with reflective piping on the motorcycle pant’s front which assists in improving your visibility during the night.
  • These pants have two pc detachable hip foam padding. Moreover, having a two pc CE Certified Knee armor that is completely removable as well as vertically adjustable to fit your kneecap provides you with maximum protection perfectly.
  • The fabric used in the motorcycle pants construction is non-slip Tactical Grip which guarantees you a firm grip on your seat while riding on your motorcycle.


  • The pants construction uses 600D Polyester that is both abrasion, tear and scuff resistant. You are guaranteed the added level of safety in case you get involved in a crash. This significantly minimizes the extent of your injuries.
  • These pants come as a perfect fit due to having an anatomical and pre-curved design. This thereby allows you maximum comfort while on the road. This considerably improves your general trip quality. Furthermore, it will enable you to concentrate more on the road and get to travel even longer distances with much ease.
  • Having an internal liner that is waterproof guarantees that you will always be dry. This is particularly crucial if you are from a region that often is cold and experiences heavy rains. Consequently, this improves your comfort and overall motorcycle driving experience.
  • The removable thermal liner which comes together with a breathable, water-resistant coating. This makes these motorbike pants excellent to wear across different seasons. These pants are very practical.
  • Since these pants are ideal for all the different seasons, they are cost efficient. You do not need to purchase a different pair of pants for each season.
  • Presence of reflective piping on the pant’s front is vital in improving nighttime visibility. This considerably minimizes the chances of you getting involved in an accident.
  • Having a Non-Slip Tactical Grip material located on the seat area safeguards you from sliding while riding. They offer you a firm grip on the seat while you are touring.
  • The 2-pc accredited knee armor and detachable hip foam padding provide you with the extra protection on your knee. This significantly aids in the event you get involved in a crash.
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Newfacelook Urban Jeans Motorcycle Pants Reinforced with Aramid Protection


  • These pants come with protective lining covering most parts of the jeans unlike other jeans accessible in the market.
  • Its manufacture uses heavy duty and sturdy 14oz Denim fabric which offers you plenty of protection from abrasions, heat, and cuts. Also, Aramid fibers are resistant to flames up to 400c.
  • Usually, has a knee and hip protector pocket that offer you the extra protection to the knees which is often susceptible to getting injuries in case you get involved in a crash.
  • Some crucial areas of the jeans such as the thighs, knees, and hip are strengthened with protective aramid lining which consequently guarantees that extra bit of protection in the event of an accident.


  • Construction using Aramid lining provides you with the much-needed protection. This is in case of an accident thus proving vital in guaranteeing your safety.  In the event of a crash with the knees, hip and thighs, you are covered.
  • These jeans are a perfect fit. This ensures you get to comfortably enjoy your motorcycle trip. You can completely pay attention to the happening on the road. They also enable you to travel an even more extended trip as you experience maximum comfort while on your motorcycle.
  • It is affordable while still providing you with great value for money. This proves to be a shrewd investment which you will not regret.
  • The pant’s fabric is strong and durable. They can resist cuts and flames of up to 400c. These can last you for a very long time before necessitating replacement.
  • Presence of huge pockets on these motorcycle pants makes them very practical. You can carry along many things you might need while on the road. This is something that is essential, particularly if you love lengthy trips.
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Xelement Men’s Black Leather Motorcycle Pants with Side Zipper and Snaps


  • Manufactured from heavy-duty material which is both abrasion and cut resistant, hence ensuring you always have the much-needed protection around the knees, waist, and thighs.
  • Its design is a perfect body fit, therefore are not baggy thus ensures you always are comfortable while touring on your motorbike.


  • These motorcycle pants offer you with an excellent value for money particularly so because they are affordable yet still provide you with an enormous amount of comfort and safety which is very vital as your tour using your motorbike.
  • Due to the pant’s design, these motorcycle pants are effortless to wear thereby making them very convenient and practical something which is necessary especially when you are taking extended trips.
  • The construction quality of these pants is excellent, proving to be durable and robust enough to resist abrasions and cuts. Subsequently, it serves you for an extended period before needing replacement, thus showing to be a wise investment.
  • Usually, these pants design offers you with a perfect fit so that while wearing the pants, you feel entirely comfortable hence can put your full focus on the road. Subsequently, you can now travel for even longer distances since the overall riding experience is improved as well as minimizing chances of accidents due to you experience discomfort while riding.
  • Unlike most other jeans, the sizes as listed on the website are a precise match, matching to the sizes of other jeans you currently wear.
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Klim Dakar Men’s Motocross Motorcycle Pants


  • To achieve a custom airflow, these motorcycle pants come with two big modifiable ykk-zippered vents on the thighs.
  • These motorcycle pants are manufactured using heavy-duty 840D Cordura on its main body. Moreover, it comes with a waterproof (DWR) coating which lets the pants deflect more mud and water.
  • On this pant’s are two smaller fixed-open leg vents on the rear.
  • Also, the seam construction uses ultra-strong, durable and heavy-duty nylon thread always to hold firmly these motorcycle pants.
  • Around the legs and knees, these pants include a refined fit which aims to allow more articulation when on the motorbike, minimize loose materials as well as the inner knees having thicker leather to resist moisture and remain flexible for a longer time.


  • The refined fit around the knees and legs allows better circulation of air which ensures you are always comfortable while on your trips. This particularly vital if you are traveling through a region that often experiences high temperatures.
  • Construction using heavy duty 840D Cordura throughout the pants body guarantees you durable and strong pants that can easily resist cuts and abrasions. Subsequently, they get to serve you for an extended period thus proving to be quite handy.
  • Being waterproof, these motorcycle pants ensure you always remain warm even if you get caught up in the rain. This is something which proves to be essential as it allows you to put more focus on the road. Furthermore, as the pants remain dry, you can now travel longer distances and enjoy your riding experience.
  • The construction uses ultra-strong and heavy-duty nylon thread seam construction. these pants offer you great value for money. This is considering they are not very expensive to purchase.
  • The pant’s design comes in the perfect fit around your legs and knees. This ensures you can quickly put on and take off these motorcycle pants.
  • Presence of leather on the inner knees which is treated to resist moisture guarantees you the vital protection. This is to the knee area in case you get involved in a crash. This significantly minimizing the number of injuries you get.
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Buyer’s Guide to Motorcycle Pants

When looking at purchasing motorcycle pants, there are many things to consider from the main thought being safety to fashion and function. The rider should consider how easy they would like the pants to be removed after a journey with options such as zips or Velcro and an easy adjustable wait fit.

Below are the main points to consider when purchasing motorcycle pants to ensure that the right pants are chosen for the rider’s correct needs.

The Motorcycle Pants Armor

When searching for motorcycle pants, you should opt for one that has armor on both sides of the hip as well as on the knees. Usually, these armors come in many confusing shapes and forms but always go for the pants that have a CE rating which is performance tested and certified. Furthermore, having an armor which you can easily adjust its position is a great bonus.

The Perfect Fit

Whereas motorcycle pants should fit perfectly, that is, they must not restrict your body’s movement. A tight fit lets the armor to position itself on the best possible place to protect you in the event of a crash since it still maintains its position thus preventing you getting lots of scratches to the skin. Moreover, a tight fit minimizes flapping which gets increasingly annoying while you are on lengthy trips. Therefore, when searching for these motorcycle pants, identify one that snuggles up nicely even while bending your legs and has its armors over your knees.

Connection Zippers

Most motorcycle pants come with an 8-inch connection zipper on its back so that you can zip these pants to your riding jacket. Additionally, there are better designs which have a full circumference zipper; therefore, you can zip the jacket to the pants all the way around. It is an essential feature since it prevents your pants and jackets from separating in case of an accident and exposing your delicate tummy.


Remaining visible during the night is a vital element in safeguarding your safety while on the road, and when looking for motorbike pants, this is something you must consider. Look if the pants have reflective logos, patches, and piping plus where they are located considering if the reflection will be visible to different drivers on the road, such as bus drivers and car drivers.

Waist Adjustments

It is an excellent feature to have with there being numerous ways which this can be done. When the motorcycle pants are manufactured using hard wearing fabrics such as textile pants which do not stretch and break in, manufacturers will typically allow more adjustability or provide extra inches on the waist. For example, you might be a large size according to the sizing chart, but an M adjusted pant feeling and fitting much better to your waist.

Different Motorcycle Pants Styles

Motorcycle pants come in many different styles all this depends on your riding style with each pant style personalized to fit the needs of that specific style of riding. The different types of motorcycle pants include overpants, cruiser pants, race pants, chaps, riding jeans and adventure touring pants. Additionally, matching your style of riding to the style of the motorcycle pants provides you with more protection and comfort.


If you live in a region that experiences different seasons, it is vital to purchase motorcycle pants that have waterproof and insulated liners since it significantly increases versatility. For instance, during hot weather, the detachable insulated liner can be removed, and during periods of cold weather, the coating can be left inside the motorcycle pants to offer the extra warmth.

Also, being waterproof ensures water does not pass through the pants and get into contact with your skin which might consequently cause you a tremendous amount of discomfort.


Having motorcycle pants with pockets to securely stuff your valuables is something you must always consider. Furthermore, since you will be wearing gloves while riding, it is necessary that these pockets are large enough for it to be easy going into your pockets.


In conclusion, motorcycle pants are a very important piece of clothing. Within this day and age, the rider is able to choose their unique motorcycle pants through design and material while still having the safety element in place. It is definitely worth purchasing a pair of motorcycle pants.

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