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The Best Motorcycle Panniers 2020

Motorcycle panniers are a great accessory for riders travelling with luggage along with tank bags, be it lots or little. Riders can attach the panniers to each side of the rear of the motorcycle to aid in carrying items yet keeping them weatherproof at the same time.

Motorcycle panniers come in both soft and hard outer shells to accommodate the rider’s preference.

Below are the 5 motorcycle panniers we have reviewed to help you make your decision along with what you need to take into consideration when purchasing them.

Best Motorcycle Panniers

Motorcycle PannierType
Wolfman Luggage S0512Soft Outer
Tusk Aluminum PanniersHard Outer
Oxide Deluxe Tek WS-1000Soft Outer
Giant Loop MotoTrekkSoft Outer
Dowco Willie & Max 59588-00Soft Outer

Wolfman Luggage S0512-E-12 SADDLE BAGS V-17 Motorcycle Panniers


  • Presence of a captured “V” compression strap on every bag which guarantees the bag will firmly and steadily hold all the contents inside the bag safe from loss. Moreover, it is hardened with foam on both the outside and inside of the bag as well as a vinyl panel on the motorcycle’s side thereby improving the safety of your belongings inside.
  • It has two adjustable seat straps each two inches long that can practically fit on any bike you decide to ride, this making thus pannier bag very convenient.
  • An easy to find yellow cord is located on the main zipper sliders consequently making the process of opening or closing this bag even when riding easy since finding the zipper is not hectic.
  • The pannier is manufactured in the USA with the well-known Wolfman care and quality which guarantees you a saddlebag that is of excellent quality.
  • Since the pannier is constructed from heavy Duty Wolfman 1680 Denier Vinyl, this bag is very sturdy hence can withstand wear and tear much better.
  • The pannier’s existence of a reflex webbing accents ensures nighttime visibility is tremendously improved therefore improving this bag’s practicality.
  • These saddlebags come with a sleek design which contributes to an increase in its internal capacity thus increasing the amount of luggage you can carry and also more seat space for you the rider.
  • It comes with four two-inch D Rings on each bag which provides you a more extensive array of alternatives, that is, to fasten a Rolie Bag, a Duffel or the Wolfy Bottle Holster.


  • Due to its unique and sleek design, this bag guarantees you a larger carrying capacity, so you do not have to leave some necessary luggage due to insufficient space on your pannier. Additionally, it provides you with more seat room hence improving your driving experience.
  • Its construction is from strong and heavy Duty Wolfman 1680 Denier Ballistic Vinyl that ensures these bags outstandingly robust thus can serve you for an extended period since the bags are substantially resistant to wear and tear.
  • Since the renowned Wolfman care and Quality built the pannier, you will have some sense of relief since the company is famous for making quality products.
  • The bag’s “V” compression straps safeguard everything inside the bag tightly and securely thereby minimizing the probability of you misplacing anything that was inside the bag and causing you substantial financial losses.
  • Having a yellow cord on the pannier bag’s main zippers makes it is easy locating the zippers when you want either opening or closing the bag, and this consequently makes it easier for you especially when riding.


  • More space is needed in case you are going for an overnight tour since these bags can be relatively small to fit all your valuables.
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Tusk Aluminium Motorcycle Panniers


  • Aluminum panniers that offer a very durable shell to enable hard wearing in all weather and conditions.
  • Each medium Box is 37 Liters and measures 14 ¼” tall, 7 ½” deep, and 16 ¼” wide
  • The boxes provide the rider with 27 liters each which gives a total 54 Liters of storage.
  • The panniers are completed in a powder-coated finish which protects items and looks fashionable for the rider. 
  • Vertical edge design has a seamless rear and reinforced welding ensures strength through the panniers through all conditions the rider puts them through.
  • The aluminum on the panniers are .085″ thick for that extra protection of the rider’s luggage and each Medium pannier weighs just under 9.5 lbs.
  •  There are 2 locks on each pannier with matched locks and keys.
  • The panniers are designed to be mounted on most brands of pannier racks making them very versatile.


  • Completely waterproof throughout and features 4 bolt-on footman loops to secure additional items. This ensures the rider has confidence in their luggage being safe throughout their journey.
  • Manufactured to uphold the most extreme adventure motorcycling to help the rider not worry about their items.
  • Panniers finished in durable yet lightweight aluminum with a tough silver or black powder-coated finish to ensure a sleek look for the onlooker.
  • The unique design of the motorcycle panniers eliminates seams on the back two vertical edges. This is usually the weak spots on other pannier manufactures. All existing welded seams are reinforced with internal stitch welds to ensure the best quality product has been created.
  • Security is a critical point with this product. Tusk has ensured that they can withhold multiple attempted entries with both latch and locks on the panniers.
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Oxide Deluxe Tek Leather Motorcycle Panniers Saddle Bags, Cruiser Travel Bags WS-1000


  • This pannier uses the best quality TEK leather that is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear. It also is resistant to scratches, discoloration and fire. This means it prevents the exhaust from causing a fading or burnt effect on the saddlebag.
  • It disconnects into a single bag through a hidden and heavy rated YKK zipper that holds the two pannier bags together. This is suitable if you did not want to go carry along the weighty pannier if you do not need it.
  • The panniers offer you one internal zip pocket that has a grip on each bag. This provides you with more space for your stuff which is vital during extended trips making this bag very convenient.
  • The bag’s heavy-duty stitching along a universal design which is easy to maintain makes these saddlebags an excellent fit for all motorcycles brands. This even includes sports bikes hence making this bag very useful.
  • With its new, lightweight and durable design, this Black body saddlebag is easily removable or fixed onto a motorcycle. Also, it comes with an Oxide Security Lock System to ensure the safety of your things. Its exterior has an attractive, smart-looking design and colors.
  • The bag is resistant to both heat and water hence prevents your valuables from getting damaged after getting exposed to weather elements. This is rain or sunlight for an extended period, as well as the heat exhaust.
  • The bag comes with strengthened walls and an interior lining. Furthermore, it features also a soft comfort lining which averts abrasion along a detachable and flexible bridge section.


  • Resistance to both water and heat makes this bag extremely handy. It can guarantee the safety of all your valuables especially if you possess delicate products such as electronics.
  • Due to the bag’s universal design, you can fit it on any bike model. This means you don’t need to purchase another bag if you decided to buy a different bike This makes the bag highly practical.
  • It has a vast internal space to accommodate all your luggage. It is perfect if you are planning to take a long trip and not necessitating you to carry another subsequently causing you significant inconvenience. The internal zip pocket which clips upon opening creates more space for your valuables.
  • It is exceptionally durable due to the construction using TEK premium leather. This is a perfect investment since it gets to serve you for an extended period before it gets damaged.
  • With its lightweight design, attaching or detaching the bag to a motorcycle is very easy. It makes it less cumbersome which is something critical in helping you with the maneuverability when riding.


  • Some of the parts such as the studs, logo badge, zippers, and hand-handles start falling off after a short period of use thus making this bag less dependable.

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Giant Loop Mototrekk Motorcycle Panniers


  • The panniers can each hold 21 litres with 3 rolls to seal from the top. This keeps the panniers weather tight when carrying luggage from A to B. This means a total of 42 litres across both panniers.
  • Without anything within the panniers, they weigh a total of 6lbs between them.
  • Dimensions of the bag are 12″ top x 9″ bottom x 15″ tall x 7″ deep. This allows lots of different shaped items and can fit sizeable luggage when riding.
  • Integrated mounting system with aluminum Durflex hooks is included within the purchase. This means you have no additional mounts or hardware are required for the rider to use these. 
  • Shoulder straps are included so that you can dismount the panniers and use them as carry bags or backpacks to get from your motorcycle to wherever needs be.


  • Versatile by being fixed as panniers or can be used as backpacks. This makes them usable more than just on the motorcycle if the rider wanted to.
  • Large panniers to fit more luggage in for those longer journeys and trips.
  • Mounting system included means that there are no extra costs with the panniers. This gives certainty that the rider will not need to buy any add ones.
  • Lightweight meaning that they do not impede on the motorcycle’s wight distribution.


  • Tapered at the bottom of the panniers which means that there could potentially be unused space when placing longer items within the pannier and them getting caught.
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Willie & Max by Dowco 59588-00 Black Jack Series: Synthetic Leather Compact Slant Motorcycle Panniers


  • The bag is constructed from 100 percent cowhide leather. This high quality leather is able to bear with exposure to the extreme weather elements.
  • The making of the Willie & Max pannier bags is done entirely from the United States of America.
  • All these bags are insured by Dowco’s legendary limited lifetime warranty. This therefore as an assertion of the incredible quality of these saddlebags.
  • Plastic is used in strengthening the bag so that it gets to maintain its appealing shape. This is even after a long period and also while traveling at high speeds.
  • Presence of sewn-in handles makes the saddlebag’s attachment or detachment process from the motorbike very convenient.
  • The bag has quick-release buckles and zip-off yokes. This makes the process of detaching or attaching to the bike is made easier.


  • It is 100 percent made in the USA which means this bag boasts a proud legacy. It has always been in the markets since its inception. Constant praise has been recieved which is an indication of this bag’s excellent quality.
  • The bag has an attractive look, with this aided by plastic reinforcements which improve the bag’s aesthetic look. This draws positive attention from fellow riders and the general public alike.
  • The bag is durable to survive exposure to the elements as it is manufactured from synthetic leather. This is a quality material and will get to serve you for a considerable duration.
  • Having sewn-on handles as well as quick-release buckles makes attaching and removing the bag more efficient.


  • The material used to make this bag feels cheap with some of the quick clips falling easily.
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Buying Guide of Motorcycle Panniers

There are many things to consider when purchasing motorcycle panniers. These are size of the panniers, material and carrying capacity to name a few.

Security can also be a big consideration when when searching for the right panniers. This all depends what the use of them will be.

Below is a buying guide to aid in the rider’s decision to pick their right motorcycle panniers for their motorcycle.


The Carrying Capacity of the Saddlebag

If you like taking extended trips either with your friends or alone, it is critical you buy a pannier that can fit all your valuables perfectly. Nevertheless, if you intend to make short trips not far from your home, a smaller saddlebag is convenient since you do not necessitate lots of luggage.

Does the Saddlebag Lock?

A saddlebag’s locking mechanism can either be a key lock or a padlock. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which between the two you find more comfortable to use and a better alternative depending on the security risk of the places you often tour.

Type of Motorbike you have

If you have a standard motorbike or a cruiser style bike, you should always use saddlebags with guards because if not, the pannier sticks on the bike’s rear wheel because such bikes have spring shocks. Once in contact with the saddlebag, the spring shock quickly damages the pannier, and the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this but instead considers it as user neglect. Therefore, a safeguard is necessary to prevent this from happening.

Matters to Note before Buying Motorcycle Panniers

Before purchasing a pannier, you must first identify the space between the saddlebags and exhaust, with the necessary minimum being two inches. Furthermore, luggage manufacturers will not compensate you for any damage to your bag since they consider it as neglect on your part. Thus, to avoid this situation, always confirm before purchasing the saddlebag the place you intend to mount the pannier as well as the sizes as listed in “Sizing Information” section on the manufacturer’s website.

The Style of Saddlebag

Motorbike panniers come in different varieties with all this down to your individual preference. The bag may be plain or have studs, with the other option being whether it has buckles or no buckles.

Size of the Pannier

When deciding on a saddlebag, you should opt for one that is a perfect fit for your bike and simultaneously still allowing you enough space to move about while on the bike. It is crucial since an excellent fitting saddlebag ensures you do not lose control and does not get in your way while touring.

Motorcycle Panniers Conclusion

In conclusion, motorcycle panniers are a worthwhile investment for the rider due to the extra luggage capacity that becomes available. This then enables you to carry more items for those longer tours or even those extra items when at the shops.

Most motorcycle panniers are also universal fitting which means that they can be used on various motorcycles. This means if the owner decides to change their motorcycle, they can use the same panniers again.

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