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The Best Motorcycle Lock 2020

Motorcycle locks are a necessity when owning a motorcycle as these items are what keep your motorcycle safe when you park it up and leave it. There are also many other security options when looking at ensuring the best protection for your motorcycle but a motorcycle lock is the best visual deterrent for criminals and will aid and increase in ensuring that it will still be in the same place upon your return.

Choosing the correct motorcycle lock to purchase can be the difference between the vehicle still being in the same location when returning and not. Motorcycle owners should also look at purchasing secure motorcycle panniers to ensure these are not stolen too.

The best motorcycle lock is the Kryptonite New York Chain, which is very secure chain lock which is suitable for all motorcycles.

Compared to D locks and Disc Brake Locks, motorcycle chain locks have the most visible deterrent to criminals as they are obvious to see which stops someone approaching and attempting to remove.

Kryptonite15.25lbs (1410 Model)
U SHAKE3.70lbs
Big Pantha1.20lbs

Below is a list of the best motorcycle locks that aid in increasing security and suitable for keeping your motorcycle safe when left parked up.


The Kryptonite ‘Fahgettaboudit’ model chain and lock is a heavy duty security measure which would stop most criminals and their tools. The chain is also covered in a secure nylon cover to stop scratching your own motorcycle.

Other features of the Kryptonite include:

  • 14mm chain links made of 3T hardened manganese steel.
  • Hook and loop fasteners to gain additional strength in the chain links.
  • Double Deadbolt lock to secure the chain loop. This is an anti-drill and anti-pull system.
  • 3 stainless steel keys included.
  • Rated 11/12 on Kyrptonite’s security scoring system.
  • Sliding dustcover cap over the key hole for protection.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Free anti-theft protection coverage.

Overall, the Kryptonite New York chain and lock is a high criminal deterrent that ticks most boxes. It’s build quality is excellent and is designed to hold off all types of attacks against it.

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The USHAKE U lock is a lightweight portable motorcycle lock that can be applied in any situation when parked up. No keys are needed as this has a combination lock. This means you can not lose keys and be stuck with a lock on your motorcycle!

Some of the other feature of the USHAKE U lock include:

  • 14mm hardened zinc alloy shackle to ensure cutting and leverage attacks are avoided as best as possible.
  • 4mm PVC coating to protect your motorcycle against scratching from the lock.
  • Smooth rotating 5 number combination lock.
  • Protected heavy duty cylinder for weather and secure protection.
  • 85 inch in size – Easy to fit in rucksacks.
  • 8/10 USHAKE security rating.

If you want an easily portable motorcycle lock, the USHAKE U lock is perfect. The lock is available in various sizes to suit the wheel size of your motorcycle.

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This disc brake lock is accessible through your fingerprint which means that you do not have to worry about losing the key. The lock clamps to the motorcycle disc brake to ensure that the wheel does not move upon the engine starting.

The features of this lock include:

  • Fingerprint reader unlocks in 0.5 seconds.
  • False rejection rate of 1% and false acceptance of 0.002% meaning that only your finger should always be recognized.
  • 10 User profiles available on the device.
  • The device can be unlocked by fingerprint or mobile phone application.
  • Made from aluminium alloy and plastic to ensure it works in all weather conditions.
  • 6mm hardened steel locking pin to stop the lock from being opened.
  • 200mAh battery built in and charging port (charging able included). 1 charge lasts for 3 months.
  • Dimensions are 65mm x 75mm x 30mm.

In reviewing this item, you can see it is secure and portable. This means it is an easy to lock anywhere device and you can leave your motorcycle knowing its secure.

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This alarm has an integrated electronic warning system which triggers a 100db alarm for a duration of 15 seconds upon the attempted break. It has built in sensors that can be triggered by all sorts of movements to make sure your motorcycle can be left safely wherever you choose to leave it

The features of the Abus Granit Detecto Xplus lock are:

  • 16mm locking pin.
  • Specially made hardended steel.
  • Alarm automatically re-arms after being set off.
  • 3D protection detection system. Detects vibrations and movements.
  • Acoustic signal indicates battery and active status.
  • 2 keys included within the purchase.
  • Keyhole cover to protect from the weather elements.
  • Can be keyed-alike with other locks that you own.

This a great lock to give criminals a reason to leave your motorcycle alone. The alarm will deter anyone from your motorcycle and ensure it is left alone how it should be. It is a compact device meaning it can be taken wherever you ride. A battery is included along with a carry bag when the lock is not in use.

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This lock is a bit different to usual locks as it attaches to the throttle and brake together in the event the motorcycle is stolen. This means that the criminal cannot start the motorcycle due to the lock being in the way. The lock is also compatible with all grips up to 1.5inches in diameter and will fit all brnds of motorcycle.

Features of this particular lock include:

  • Grip lock holster to carry around the lock when not in use.
  • Dimensions are 5.5 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches.
  • ‘Claw’ like grip against the throttle and brake.
  • Lock and unlock by the key.

Overall, this is a useful lock to own as you cannot forget the lock is fitted as cannot start the motorcycle with it on! This means there will not be any forgetful moments of starting the motorcycle and trying to ride away with the lock on. Definitely worth having in your panniers or backpack.

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There are multiple options when buying motorcycle locks. There are various kinds available and we aim to help explain the differences before you buy.


D locks are regarded as one of the most durable locks that you can buy. There are 2 parts to this lock which connect either side of the tyre. They are easy to store and can be carried around within your rucksack whilst riding as they are also lightweight. The are robust due to having a U-shaped steel bar which locks into a cross bar and then is locked with a key.


These locks can range in size and weight greatly. They are mostly covered in a sleeve to aid in handling and theft. These wrap around tyres or can be attached to surrounding objects such as lampposts or bike racks. Motorcycle locks can be secured by either lock and key or a combination lock. The length of the chain means that if wanted, certain sized chain locks could pass through both wheels of the motorcycle.


These locks are pretty self-explanatory. They are utilized to lock the disc brakes of the motorcycle in place. This makes it impossible for the wheel to turn in the even of being stolen. This lock can cause substantial damage to the motorcycle if the user was to attempt to ride off with the lock still attached.


Once you have decided on what type of lock you are after, the below list of considerations should be read before purchasing to ensure you choose what is suited best for you.


If you want a secure motorcycle lock, it needs to be made of a robust and resilient material. This is why the majority of motorcycle locks are made of steel or other strong materials which make it difficult for anyone to break through.


Many motorcycle locks have fabric covers over their secure material so that the lock does not damage the motorcycle by scratching or chipping the paintwork.


Make sure that you check the dimensions of the motorcycle lock before buying. You do not want to purchase a lock that does not fit around your motorcycle and the object you are fixing it to! If you are also wanting to carry it around whilst riding, this is something to consider as the bigger the motorcycle lock, the more awkward to carry.


The weight of the lock is something to consider. If you are planning on carrying the lock around with you whilst riding, you should consider a reasonably light lock so that it is not a struggle to hold and move around.


  • Make sure you leave your motorcycle in an area which has a low theft rate.
  • Ensure the area is well lit. This deters criminals as they will be in the spotlight when attempting to steal your motorcycle.
  • Find a public area to park. Almost all the time, public places are more busy than side streets and hidden areas. The more people around, the less likely someone will try and steal your motorcycle.
  • Avoid locking your motorcycle and leaving it in the open overnight. If you can lock it up in storage, this is much more secure and make it harder to reach.
  • If you are storing your motorcycle inside, still lock it up. This makes twice the amount of precautions!
  • If using a chain lock, use a little slack as possible. The less slack on the lock, the harder it is to steal.
  • Multiple motorcycle locks are better than 1. The more locks the better.
  • Whatever the object is that you are securing your motorcycle to, ensure it is secure itself and cannot be moved.


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