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The Best Motorcycle Jeans 2020

Motorcycle jeans have become increasingly popular over the recent years. This is due to them looking fashionable but still protecting you in the event you were to fall off your motorcycle. We have collated the best motorcycle jeans available today to ensure you are as fashionable as can be when riding your motorcycle.

Whilst motorcycle jeans are not as protective as the original leather protection but if you buy quality jeans, they can still do the job and look fashionable whilst off your motorcycle too. It also makes your life more convenient as you are less likely to have to change your motorcycle pants compared to when wearing leathers. Motorcycle jeans are great for sunnier weather as they can be more breathable than normal motorcycle pants.

The best motorcycle jeans are the Maxler Jeans due to having a combination of great looks and protection which justify their price tag.

Below is a summary of the best motorcycle jeans that we have reviewed. This gives you a brief look at the best motorcycle jeans to buy.

ProductRaw Denim Weights
Juicy Trendz14oz
Newfacelook Protective14oz
Newfacelook Cargo14oz


Maxler Motorcycle Jeans

The Maxler motorcycle jean is a slim fitting and hard wearing product which looks fashionable whilst keeping you safe. The design takes into consideration when you are riding for protection (CE approved protection) whilst when you finish your ride, you can carry on with your day without feeling you are wearing motorcycle pants.

The features of the Maxler Jeans are as follows:

  • Flexible spandex fabric outshell.
  • Attachable knee protectors to allow casual wear of jeans off the motorcycle.
  • Calf zippers to stabilize knee protectors when riding.
  • Zipper at thighs for ventilation.
  • Kevlar used at hip and knee.
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Juicy Trendz Motorcycle Jeans

These motorcycle jeans are reinforced with aramid protective lining and made to the highest specifications. They are reviewed as very comfortable and the with price tag that goes with them, it is not surprising how well they sell.

Features of the Juicy Trendz Jeans are:

  • Lined at the hip, thighs and knees with aramid protection.
  • Removable protection.
  • Multiple pockets on the front and back of the pants.
  • Protects against abrasion and cuts.
  • Button closure on the front of the jeans.
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Newfacelook Protective Motorcycle Jeans

The Newface Protective Motorcycle Jeans are a wider fitting jean that provide the necessary protection whilst enabling you to get along with your day to day activates without changing your motorcycle pants. They have reinforced seams and come with removable protection.

Other features of the Newfacelook protective jeans are:

  • Heavy duty strong denim material.
  • Protection lining throughout the jeans.
  • Hips, knees and thighs are protected with aramid lining.
  • Removable protective padding.
  • Flame resistant.
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Newfacelook Cargo Motorcycle Jeans

These motorcycle jeans come in various colors which is great for mixing up your motorcycle outfits. As they are classed as cargo pants they strictly are not jeans but a very good alternative! They are highly rated and just as protective as jeans.

The Newlookface cargo jeans have the following features:

  • Button closure.
  • Comes in 4 colors – black, dark brown, light brown and gray.
  • Heavy duty material.
  • Multiple pockets to carry items such as mobiles.
  • Protection lining.
  • Hip, knees and thighs protected with reinforced aramid lining.
  • Abrasion and cut resistant.
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Takuey Motorcycle Jeans

The Takuey motorcycle jeans appear to be more in line with recent fashion trends as you will see. They are stretch denim and have the CE armor within. The jeans are breathable ensuring you are comfortable when riding and carrying on with your daily activites.

Features of the Tauey jeans are:

  • Knee and hip pads modules (CE Verified).
  • Removable hip and knee pads for added protection.
  • Knee and back waist folding design – gives more flexibility.
  • Breathable mesh elements.
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VNFOX Motorcycle Jeans

These slimmer fitting motorcycle pants still can protect you as well as all the other jeans within this review as they have protection where it matters and you can still wear these wherever you go, even as daily trousers! The jeans come in 3 different colors which are green, black and blue and have a wide range of uses such as any ATVs, bikes or electric vehicles due to their protection.

The features of the VNFOX jeans are:

  • Cotton and spandex material.
  • Multiple pockets (8 in total).
  • Hip and knee protection pads which are removable.
  • CE verified protection pads.
  • Low wasit.
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Buyer’s Guide to Motorcycle Jeans

When looking at purchasing motorcycle jeans, there are many things you need to consider from being safe to fashion and function. You should consider how easy they would like the pants to be removed after a journey with options such as zips or Velcro and an easy adjustable wait fit.

Below are the main points to consider when purchasing your motorcycle pants to ensure that the right pants are chosen for the your correct needs.

The Motorcycle Jeans Armor

When searching for motorcycle jeans, you should opt for one that has armor on both sides of the hip as well as on the knees. Usually, these armors come in many confusing shapes and forms but always go for the pants that have a CE rating which is performance tested and certified. Furthermore, having an armor which you can easily adjust its position is a great bonus.

The Perfect Fit

Whereas motorcycle pants should fit perfectly, that is, they must not restrict your body’s movement. A tighter fit lets the armor to position itself on the best possible place to protect you in the event of a crash since it still maintains its position thus preventing you getting lots of scratches to the skin. Moreover, a tight fit minimizes flapping which gets increasingly annoying while you are on lengthy trips. Therefore, when searching for these motorcycle pants, identify one that snuggles up nicely even while bending your legs and has its armors over your knees.

Connection Zippers

Some motorcycle jeans come with a connection zipper on its back so that you can zip these pants to your riding jacket. Additionally, there are better designs which have a full circumference zipper; therefore, you can zip the jacket to the pants all the way around. It is an essential feature since it prevents your pants and jackets from separating in case of an accident and exposing your delicate tummy.


Remaining visible during the night is a vital element in safeguarding your safety while on the road, and when looking for motorbike jeans, this is something you must consider. Look if the pants have reflective logos, patches, and piping plus where they are located considering if the reflection will be visible to different drivers on the road, such as bus drivers and car drivers.

Waist Adjustments

It is an excellent feature to have with there being numerous ways which this can be done. When the motorcycle pants are manufactured using hard wearing fabrics such as textile pants which do not stretch and break in, manufacturers will typically allow more adjustability or provide extra inches on the waist. For example, you might be a large size according to the sizing chart, but an M adjusted pant feeling and fitting much better to your waist.

Different Motorcycle Jean Styles

Motorcycle pants come in many different styles all this depends on your riding style with each pant style personalized to fit the needs of that specific style of riding. The different types of motorcycle jeans can change the fit and look greatly whilst also meeting your needs. Additionally, matching your style of riding to the style of the motorcycle jean provides you with more protection and comfort.


If you live in a region that experiences different seasons, it is vital to purchase motorcycle pants that have insulated liners since it significantly increases versatility. For instance, during hot weather, the detachable insulated liner can be removed, and during periods of cold weather, the coating can be left inside the motorcycle jeans to offer the extra warmth.


Having motorcycle jeans with pockets to securely stuff your valuables is something you must always consider. Furthermore, since you will be wearing gloves while riding, it is necessary that these pockets are large enough for it to be easy going into your pockets.


In conclusion, motorcycle jeans are still a very important piece of clothing even with the fashion side being considered. Within this day and age, the rider is able to choose their unique motorcycle pants through design and material while still having the safety element in place. It is definitely worth purchasing a pair of motorcycle jeans.

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