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The Best Motorcycle Jacket 2020

A motorcycle jacket is an essential part of a rider’s clothing when on motorcycles. It acts as a safety barrier if the rider was to fall off the bike or be hit by an object. This is through the toughened material and padded inserts of the jacket so that impact to the rider is reduced to as little as possible without effecting the rider’s normal riding abilities.

Motorcycle jackets also are chosen by riders due to their design and colours. Jackets can display high visibility colours, sleeker colours or racing team livery – depending on their fashion sense! You can also match with your motorcycle pants or boots.

The Best Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle JacketType
Viking Cycle Ironborn JacketTextile
Milwaukee Side Lace JacketLeather
Xelement CF6019 Invasion JacketTextile
BMW Motorrad Rallye JacketTextile
Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 JacketTextile

Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket


  1. Comes with the next generation liner technology. This is removable, fully-sleeved, as well as being highly insulated to keep you warm during colder rides.
  2. Has an innovative water-resistant treated Rock Tex 600 outer shell. This comes with an ergonomic design to improve its comfort when worn.
  3. Furthermore, it has a fashionable structure comprising of detachable armor on its shoulder, elbow and spine hence cool when worn.
  4. The jacket has CE approved armor which has passed even the sternest impact test that is available. This verifies its dependability in providing you with maximum safety.
  5. It has a 6 points Sure Fit custom adjustable system. This therefore can fit a wide variety of people of different sizes.
  6. The removable spine armor has pockets with an optional C.E. spine protector.


  1. Has many pockets outside and inside. It also includes tablet or gun pockets. It makes it very handy when it comes to carrying a lot of different things.
  2. The armors on the elbows and shoulders come in handy in the event you get involved in an accident. This guarantees you the extra protection.
  3. With the venting systems available, you get enough fresh air supply as you tour. This means maximum comfort while enjoying your trip.
  4. Having adjustable arms, sides, and sleeves makes this jacket great. You can adjust it to fit individual preferences perfectly.
  5. In comparison to its competitors, the coat is inexpensive. It is very affordable even if you are not financially stable.
  6. The jacket’s construction is with heavy textile material. Thiss jacket is excellent to keep you very warm particularly in the colder rides as you tour.
  7. Its development is trendy and classy. This makes you stand out when you have it on during your trips.
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Milwaukee Leather Men’s Classic Side Lace Motorcycle Jacket


  1. Has a side lace detailing that guarantees you an optimal fit and a half belt for easy adjustment.
  2. Comes with a premium milled cowhide that is 1.2mm to 1.3mm which has a fully-sleeved zip out thermal liner.
  3. It has a classic biker throwback look.
  4. A classic in-built belt or buckle which offers this jacket a greater vintage appearance to keep you looking fashionable and up to date.
  5. With a side lace detailing which gives you an optimal fit plus a half belt which guarantees you easy tuning.
  6. Has two lower zipper pockets as well as an additional ticket book which closes the pockets safely ensuring all the devices are safe.


  1. The overall quality of this jacket is outstanding especially if you consider the excellent quality the material used in its construction.
  2. Additionally, the construction material is sturdy and warm hence can be dependable in case you get an accident with the leather also looks great with the thick leather ensuring your motorcycle rides are fun.
  3. Its materials used in the manufacture are slim on the arms, as well as having easily adjustable zippers which get increasingly convenient when opening and closing the jacket. Moreover, being slim on the hands plus the zip-out liner being thin so easy to zip and unzip greatly enhances this.
  4. The stitching on these jackets are clean enough and comes with no loose threads subsequently making the jacket feel solid; thus you can be guaranteed the coat will not get worn out any time soon.
  5. It is very affordable particularly so having in mind the excellent quality used in the construction of this jacket.
  6. Zippers found in this jacket are of considerable size with the quality of material used in the manufacturing build to last.
  7. The interior of this pocket is smooth enough to guarantee you the all the devices put in the pocket do not get damaged even during bumpy rides.
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Xelement CF6019 Invasion Mens Neon Green Mesh Armored Motorcycle Jacket


  1. The jacket fully air vented thus guarantees you a smooth and constant supply of air adequately within the jacket.
  2. The reflective piping present on the jacket is excellent particularly for increasing the visibility at night. This ensures you are safe since you are easily seen.
  3. Having a CE approved armor that has passed even the highest level EN1621-2 and EN1621-1 impact tests. This therefore shows incredible durability these jackets have.
  4. Presence of level-3 advanced technology armor, ergonomic design, free movement, better impact absorption plus free movement.
  5. Comes with a Tri-Tex 600 Denier Mesh chassis that has a Tri-Tex 1680 Denier. This then has abrasion-resistant panels.
  6. The elbows, back, and shoulders of the jacket come with level-3 armors. Moreover, these armors are the next generation in the armor technology.


  1. Having the approval of CE even its strictest levels that is EN1621-1 and EN1621-2 impact test. This proves the reliability and safety that this jacket offers. This adds comfort in the event you got into an accident.
  2. Comes with vents which ensures you enough airflow while riding the motorbike. This consequently results in you to experience a significant amount of comfort during your ride. This then enables you to enjoy every single moment of your trip.
  3. Has reflective piping which guarantees you high visibility to other road drivers. This provides you with the needed safety and assurance while riding at night. This is so other drivers get to see you easily therefore significantly minimize chances of an accident.
  4. The jacket is sturdy enough to resist abrasions and scratches. It comes with detachable level-3 armors on the back, shoulders, and elbows. This offers you that added protection in the event of a crash.
  5. The jacket quickly dries up in case you get rained on. This is an incredible feature since it ensures you always get to remain comfortable in all weather conditions.
  6. Adjustable straps on the arms make this jacket handy especially if you live in the colder regions. It safeguards you from the entry of the cold. Subsequently, you get to remain comfy and warm throughout your entire trip.
  7. The jacket not only offers you comfort and warmth. This jacket ensures you still are fashionable while on the road.
  8. Despite being made from high-quality material, this jacket still provides you with an excellent value for your money. The jacket is reasonably priced thus affordable to many individuals.
  9. It gives you a great fit even if you are well built. It features a chest barrel as well as being constructed with liner.
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BMW Genuine Rallye Motorcycle Jacket


  1. Has a reflective on the coat which offers you the much vital reflective ability which is especially crucial while you are riding during the night.
  2. Also, these jackets are waterproof, breathable as well as windproof which makes wearing them even through diverse climatic condition ideal. Additionally, it comes with a detachable C.A.R.E climatic membrane which improves the jacket’s comfort.
  3. Specially developed with its primary purpose being off-road use since the outer material is made from Cordura which has been improved by BMW Motorrad.
  4. Presence of a silicon strip on the insert seams prevents the suit from riding up subsequently ensuring you always remain comfortable while having this jacket allowing you to focus on the road entirely.
  5. Has breathable and stretchable mesh lining which is ventilated in numerous places ensuring enough supply of air as you are riding through different climatic conditions.
  6. The removable NP2 protector on the jacket’s shoulders, knees, hips, elbows and back offer you with that critical added bit of safety needed in the event you get involved in an accident minimizing injuries.
  7. Moreover, this jacket’s functionality is excellent since it offers you with a perfect fit due to the use of NP2 protectors in its manufacture.
  8. Presence of removable sleeves and the pants that have leather patches as well as stretch insert significantly increasing this jacket’s functionality.


  1. Having a reflective material on the jacket increases your safety while wearing this jacket significantly. You are now easily visible to other incoming drivers. This reducing the chances of getting involved in an accident.
  2. The outer material, Cordura which BMW Motorrad has been excellently optimized and is specially innovated chiefly for off-road use. It assures you the added protection in case of an accident.
  3. Having NP2 protectors offers you with an extra level of functionality and safety. This is very vital in ensuring your well-being after a crash.
  4. The NP2 protectors give you that much needed perfect fit to provide you with the much-needed comfort while riding your motorbike. You will then get to concentrate on the road entirely. Additionally, you can use this jacket through diverse climatic conditions.
  5. Has detachable NP2 protectors sewn in on the elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and back. These guarantee you the crucial protection needed if you get involved in an accident.
  6. Ventilation places on various places on the jacket offer you with a tremendous amount of comfort. This is due to it allowing the free flow of air. This gives you the cooling feel while you are riding. Moreover, the silicon strip on the insert seam avoids the suit from riding up. This ensures you always remain comfortable while on the road.
  7. Having two waterproof pockets on the outer side of the jacket provides you with the much-needed space to store electrical gadgets. This can be things such as a mobile phone safe from damage. This further shows this jacket’s practicality.
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Joe Rocket 851-4106 Phoenix 5.0 Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


  1. Has extended back pockets for the storing of eyeglasses if you feel the need to ride without your spectacles to improve your comfort while on the road. Additionally, the two outer pockets, as well as the inner breast pocket, also offer you warm storage for all your delicate gadgets.
  2. Comes with a detachable water-resistant lining that is secured by the zipper hence guaranteeing you always are dry while enjoying your extended trips.
  3. The jacket’s 6-point SureFit custom adjustment system ensures you still have a perfect fit while wearing this jacket, this increasingly making this jacket comfy.
  4. Presence of C.E. approved armor on both the elbows and shoulders which ensures you the critical protection. Also, the ribs, shoulders, and elbows come strengthened with RockTex.
  5. Its FreeAir poly/mesh shell which is armored with Rock Tex at the elbows, shoulders, and ribs guarantees you enough airflow while you are enjoying your ride.
  6. The jacket has a removable spine pad which has a pocket for the optional C.E. spine armor, as well as molded high-density padding at the kidney, ribs and lower back.
  7. Pant attachment is made possible through the eight zippers, and snap loops are present for the attachment of the pants also.
  8. Lastly, a reflective stripe to improve the visibility is found on this jacket.


  1. The jacket has a FreeAir poly at the ribs, elbows, and shoulders that improves the airflow within the jacket. This improves the jacket’s coziness especially during hot seasons. This allows you to pay more attention to the road.
  2. Presence of the extended back pocket, interior breast pocket, and two outer warmer pockets offer you adequate space to store all your devices safe from loss. Also, the two exterior pockets are crucial in keeping your hands warm.
  3. Having a reflective stripe significantly improves this jacket’s visibility. This subsequently minimizes you getting involved in an accident. This is especially during the night because you are easily noticeable to other drivers.
  4. Sculpted high-density padding typically found at the kidneys, ribs and lower back ensures you that important protection to these vital organs. This is in case you get involved in a crash. Furthermore, it comes with a detachable spin pad that has pockets for the optional C.E. spine armor.
  5. The waterproof liner secured by a zipper guarantees you do not get wet in case you get rained on. Consequently, this improves your comfort with this being especially crucial if you are taking a long trip.
  6. Has a 6-point SureFit custom modification system. This therefore makes the jacket a perfect fit for a broad range of individuals. Moreover, present are eight zippers for the attachment of the pants as well as snap loops.
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Buyer’s Guide to The Best Motorcycle Jacket

When buying a motorcycle jacket, the type of riding is taken into consideration. Be it racing, touring or cruising. There are certain materials to consider along with the comfort and fit.

Below is a guide to help aid you purchase the right motorcycle jacket for you.


When searching for a motorcycle jacket to buy, you should go for one that is of excellent quality but still within your price bracket. Usually, the material used in the manufacture of the jacket considerably affects the price, with leather traditionally being the more expensive in comparison to most of the textiles.

However, when looking for a first jacket, it is advisable to go for the entry level jackets to the middle-priced jackets. Therefore, you must go for a coat which safety is the number one priority, with other bonuses such as a great appearance being a bonus. As you get to understand your preferences, you can now start purchasing if you like the more expensive jackets.

Comfort and Fit

You must first think about your body position while riding, not just how comfortable the jacket is when trying in a store. Furthermore, you must remember the location of your arms, back, and shoulders while you are riding, with a jacket that is a perfect fit being too short when you are reaching forward on your motorcycle. It could cause you injuries in case of an accident since your wrist, and lower back gets exposed.

Another aspect to consider that improves the rider’s comfort while on the road is vital, with leather in comparison to textile taking more time to break and soften, whereas leather is more flexible instantly.

A good ventilation mechanism is also a factor to consider, and this is especially important if you come from a region with hot weather and offers you a fresh feel. If you are from a cold area, a warm removable liner is crucial, with comfort not necessarily being a safety feature rather than allowing you to focus on your riding entirely.

Type of Motorcycle Jacket

There are different types of motorcycle jackets including touring jackets, sportbike jackets, café jackets and cruiser jackets with the use determining which feature are most vital in each of the different styles of jackets.

Each jacket type has its features, restrictions, and purpose and therefore, as a rider, you must know the style and cut of the jacket to understand how best it might be of a benefit to you. Consequently, knowing this information assists riders to recognize which specific jacket best meets their desires, offer protection and riding style.


It is the most critical feature for all motorcycle jackets, despite the need to go for a fashionable looking jacket being an attractive option.

Therefore, the safety features you must consider when looking for a motorcycle jacket that provides abrasion and impact protection. Safety features you must first consider include double and triple layers of materials and armor to absorb shock after an accident, as well as padding; subsequently this keeps you safe from suffering internal injuries and broken bones. Moreover, Kevlar, Leather, Cordura and other human-made textiles offer you protection from abrasion injuries plus also the loss of muscle and skin.

Motorcycle Jacket Conclusion

Motorcycle jackets are essential safety clothing which aid a motorcycle rider’s impact in the event this occurs. Price and design is a big consideration when purchasing a jacket but safety should be the main topic being considered.

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