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The Best Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand 2020

A motorcycle jack lift stand is a useful bit of equipment to own when in possession of a motorcycle. It aids in supporting your motorcycle to stay upright whilst you carry out maintenance, work or even just decide to clean it! This type of stand Is one of the more efficient and easy ways to lift your motorcycle to your desired height.

A motorcycle jack lift stand is something you definitely should consider to have in your garage. It can help in the event you need to raise your motorcycle for essential maintenance or to check something.

There are so many motorcycle stands available to buy within the market. These can include motorcycle paddock stands or many more different types. This is why we have written this article to ensure you are knowledgeable when purchasing your stand. You should read the below reviews of motorcycle jack lift stands to ensure you purchase what is best for you.

The best motorcycle lift jack stand is the Alltrade Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack. This is because it is a universal motorcycle stand which means it will fit most motorcycles and do what it is supposed to set out and do. It is a great purchase if it is your first one.

Even though we believe the Orion Motor Tech Lift Jack Stand may be the best value for money, we have highlighted the rest of the best of motorcycle paddock stands. Any of the below should meet your motorcycling needs!

ProductMaximum Weight Capacity
Extreme Max1,000lbs
Bike Master300lbs
Dr Dry330lbs
Black Widow1,100lbs


Alltrade Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty Triple Jack Lift Stand

The Alltrade Powerbuilt jack lift stand is one of the best you can buy for the money. It offers a design that ensures it will be able to lift your motorcycle.

Features of the Alltrade Powerbuilt are:

  • 4000lbs maximum lifting capacity.
  • Highly durable.
  • 4 wheels for easy mobility of jack.
  • Large lift range.
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Orion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift Jack

Scissor lift jacks are a simple way to lift your motorcycle and are usually compact so do not take up much storage space. They have a simple T-handle which rotates to lift the jack.

Features of the Orion Motor Tach Dilated Scissor Lift Jack are:

  • Can hold up to 1,200lbs in weight.
  • Durable steel body which is easy to clean.
  • Lift range of up to 13 inches.
  • Rubber deck to stop damage to the motorcycle.
  • Anti-corrosive coating.
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Extreme Max 5001.5044 Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand

This simple yet effective scissor lift jack does what it needs to. The Extreme Max can handle more than it looks and is simple to use. It is operated using a turn wrench or powered drill.

Features of the Extreme Max Scissor Lift Jack are:

  • Can hold up to 1000lbs maximum lifting capacity.
  • Extends up to 14 inches in height.
  • Durable rubber padding for a robust platform.
  • Heavy duty steel frame.
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BikeMaster Easy Lift Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand

The BikeMaster Easy Lift stand allows you to have an easy and controlled lifting process of your motorcycle. It also has a lift lever lock and damper shocks which aid in controlling the descent of the motorcycle too which means no free falling of the motorcycle when you are finished working on it.

Features of the BikeMaster Easy Lift are as listed below:

  • Can hold up to 330lbs lifting capacity.
  • Hydraulic lifting.
  • Durable anti slip deck preventing bike slippage.
  • Lowest collapsible height of 9.75 inches and highest collapsible height of 14.5 inches.
  • Lowest extended height of 13 inches and highest extended height of 17.75 inches.
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Smartxchoices Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand

This Smartxchoices motorcycle scissor lift jack is industrial working. It may look big and heavy, but it has swivel casters which make it easy to move and position for your motorcycle.

Features of the Smartxchoices motorcycle scissor lift jack are:

  • Maximum lifting capacity of 1,500lbs .
  • 3 position locking mechanism.
  • Lead free paint finish to ensure a long lasting finish.
  • Lowest extended height of 4.53 inches and highest extended height of 14.76 inches.
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Dr Dry DRC HC2 Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand

The Dr Dry HC2 motorcycle scissor lift jack is a safe and easy jack to use for your motorcycle. The stand has a height adjustable lift stand and is designed to take all sizes of bikes. It has a damper shock which eliminates sudden drops of the jack, which in turn keeps a safe speed when dropping your motorcycle after working on it.

Features of the Dr Dry DRC HC2 motorcycle scissor lift are:

  • Maximum lifting capacity of 330lbs.
  • Hydraulic lift type.
  • Non rubber slip surface.
  • Fits ground clearance of 9.8 inches to 13.7 inches.
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OTC 1545 Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand

The OTC 1545 motorcycle scissor jack lift is a heavy weight, strong piece of kit that is a good purchase for your garage. With 17 inch long skids, it will lift the largest and heaviest motorcycles. It also has 360 degree access capability due to the removable handle.

Features of the OTC 1545 motorcycle scissor lift jack include:

  • Maximum lifting capacity of up to 1,500lbs.
  • Lowest clearance height of 3.5 inches and highest clearance height of 16.75 inches.
  • Includes foot pedal release locking rear casters automatic safety lock and tie down straps.
  • Two year limited warranty.
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Black Widow Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand

The Black Widow scissor lift jack is a smaller and more compact product compared to a lot of its competitors. It has the capability of lifting either the front or rear tire for servicing along with being used as a center stand.

Features of the Black Widow motorcycle scissor lift jack are as follows:

  • Maximum load capacity of 1,100lbs.
  • Lift range of 3.75 inches to 16.25 inches. Adaptors can be removed to have lift range of 3.25 inches.
  • Rubber padding to stop scratches.
  • Weight of jack is just 28lbs.
  • Footing attached to jack for increased support.
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Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand Buying Guide 

Below is a list of different motorcycle stands with a brief description of what they do. This is so that you can decide which type would be best suited to yourself. Certain stands will cost more than other depending on how basic or complex they are.


Make sure you have room to store the stand. Motorcycle stands can come in a range of sizes which can cause a problem if stored in garages.


Price is an important thought when purchasing a motorcycle stand. If you are not going to be using it much, you will want a stand that is cheaper than others but be aware they will not last as long as they probably will not be as robust. If you are after one to use constantly, you would be more inclined in purchasing a more expensive, robust one with better quality materials.


Most stands are easy to maintain, they just need to be kept clean and depending if have wheels, making sure these do not seize up. If you purchase a hydraulic lift stand, these take more time to maintain as they have a motor.


The weight of a motorcycle stand should be considered. If it is too heavy, you will struggle to put it away to store when not using and then struggle to bring it out to use for your motorcycle.


Types of Motorcycle Stands

Static/Fixed Stand

A static stand is used for straightening and balancing wheels. It can also be very useful for other maintenance and cleaning reasons.

Lift Stand

This type of stand does not just support the motorcycle to stand without aid, it also lifts the vehicle up so the required works can be carried out on the bike. This means that the bike can be at a better level to allow less restricted access below the motorcycle.

Triangle Stand

The triangle stand is great for motorcycles that are without a kickstand and need an additional sturdy element to help keep the motorcycle in place whilst working on it or keeping it stored.

Hydraulic Stand

The hydraulic stand is adjustable on a hydraulic jack which enables you to lift and lower your motorcycle whenever needed and also means any maintenance or works can be carried out on the motorcycle at any height.



The ultimate decision for which motorcycle jack lift stand to purchase comes down to a couple of points. These are the following:

  • What type of motorcycles you will be lifting the most with the stand.
  • The reasons you want to keep the bike upright or off the floor (e.g. maintenance or cleaning).
  • How often are you actually going to be using the stand.
  • The budget you have for purchasing a stand. You will want the best value for money to ensure the stand does what you set out for it to do.

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