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The Best Motorcycle Intercom 2020

Using a motorcycle intercom is a great way to communicate with your fellow riders safely and enjoyably. They can be integrated within the motorcycle helmet for a minimal look but also being very effective.

The devices mean that riders can connect with multiple people at the same time to have conversations whilst on the move.

Our favorite motorcycle intercom is the FreedConn Motorcycle Intercom due to being able to be used up to 800m to communicate with others. It is also compact and has audio multitasking technology which lets the rider receives calls through their mobile phone whilst listening to music or the GPS system simultaneously on their phone mount.

Best Motorcycle Intercom

Motorcycle IntercomBattery Life
(Talking Time)
Sena SMH10-1112 Hours
Sena SMH5-018 Hours
Veetop8 Hours
Lexin LX-B4FM15 Hours
FreedConn10 Hours

Sena SMH10D-11 Motorcycle Intercom


  • It has one lithium polymer battery with a charging time of 2.5 hours and a talk-time of twelve hours. Additionally, the battery on a single charge can last ten days while on standby time.
  • Having an advanced Bluetooth v3.0 Wireless connectivity, this intercom connects easily to other gadgets that support HFP/HSP (Hands-Free Profile/Headset Profile) and also A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile). All phones with a Bluetooth feature have HFP/HSP as a standard feature whereas a majority of the smartphones, MP3 players and audio dongles support A2DP thus able to transmit audio to this headset. Also, it supports Bluetooth music playback control by AVRCP, that is, pause, play, track back and track forward. Additional Bluetooth features such as compatibility with specific motorcycle GPS systems and Multi-Pair enables intercom functionality for four individuals.
  • This motorcycle intercom has a universal microphone kit that includes both the wire mic and boom mic thereby able to fit in a majority of the helmets. Furthermore, in case the installation necessitates earbuds instead of speakers, an extra length of wire, and a wire microphone in place for a boom microphone, it provides you with all these different clamps as additional accessory allowing various user preferences and installations, but these are sold separately.
  • With its innovative Noise Control technology, this device can reduce the level of background noise for both outgoing and incoming audio thus allowing you to experience a much clearer and refined sound quality even in a noisy environment.
  • This device comes with a two-year warranty, so it offers you peace of mind upon purchasing the gadget in case of quality defects.
  • The SMH10 comes with a Universal Microphone Kit thus compatible with a wide range of helmets, and its Jog Dial provides you a simple interface which is very easy to control while riding.


  • Having its advanced and innovative Noise Control technology eliminates most of the background for both outgoing and incoming calls thereby allowing you to experience a refined and natural sound quality.
  • It has a long-range music sharing and intercom features for motorcyclists for a distance of up to 900 meters and still offer you clear and natural sounds while communicating with your riding partner.
  • With its Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, you can effortless connect to other gadgets that support HSP/HFP and also A2DP thereby allowing you a wide range of connectivity be it to audio dongles, smartphones or MP3 players.
  • The presence of a Universal Microphone Kit allows the SMH10D-11 to have a broader range of compatible devices thus improving its practicality.
  • A two-year warranty proves the tremendous confidence the company has on the quality of this device and in the event of a quality defect, you are guaranteed free replacement.
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Sena SMH5-01 Motorcycle Intercom


  • The SMH5-01 motorcycle intercom fits on numerous varieties of full-face helmets, and its standard clamp which comes in the default packaging fits in most of the helmets. Installations that necessitate an earbud in place for speakers, an extra length of wire and a boom microphone instead of a wired microphone are provided with a variety of clamps as an additional accessory and are usually sold separately. Consequently, this allows you a range of user preferences and installations.
  • With its Individual Adjustable Volume Profiles, you can use the Jog Dial to easily adjust the volume of the music, intercom, and voice. Furthermore, the device can save volume levels of previously connected profiles.
  • The SMH5-01 connects wirelessly to other Bluetooth devices that support HFP/HSP (Hands-Free Profile/ Headset Profile) as well as A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile). Hence, it can connect to all phones since HFP/HSP comes as a standard feature. Moreover, most audio dongles, MP3 players and smartphones support A2DP thereby able to send audio to this Bluetooth device, and at the same time you can enjoy Bluetooth music playback control by AVRC that is, pause, play, track back and track forward.
  • It has one Lithium polymer battery capable of lasting up to seven days on a single charge while on standby and up to eight hours while on talk time.
  • The presence of a voice prompt as a safety feature enables you when out on the road a hands-free control of the device. Furthermore, the voice prompt allows you to operate various functions such as mobile phone calls, volume control, and GPS without taking your hands off the handlebars. The voice prompt language options include French, German, English, Spanish and Italian.
  • Having an Advanced Noise Control Technology reduces background noise for outgoing and incoming audio thus allowing you to experience a crystal clear and refined natural sound automatically boosting in a noisy surrounding.


  • Its Advanced Noise Control feature makes it possible to use this device even in a noisy surrounding and still provide you with crystal clear outgoing and incoming audio.
  • Its Bluetooth 3.0 technology allows you to communicate with your riding partner, make one-to-one intercom conversations and hands-free calls possible even when 400 meters apart while still providing GPS direction. Also, it offers you the ability to share and listen to music when connected to a smartphone or MP3 player.
  • The Jog Dial makes operating the user interface easy for you as the user thereby making you focus on the road while riding the motorcycle due to the simplicity of its operations.
  • The two-way intercom allows you to stay connected to your riding partner thereby enabling you to share music or engage in a conversation.
  • Its Lithium battery is capable of lasting on a single charge about eight hours of talk time and seven days while on stand-by making it extremely reliable for long riding trips.
  • The prompt voice option has a variety of languages thereby making the SMH5-01 very practical since it caters to the needs of a wide range of users.
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Veetop 2 x 800m Motorcycle Intercom


  • This motorcycle intercom is water resistant therefore in case you find yourself caught up in the rain; you do not have to worry about your intercom malfunctioning.
  • Its Bluetooth feature allows smooth communication by up to 3 users, but only two users can use the intercom to communicate simultaneously. Moreover, the riders can communicate when 800 meters apart in open space using this intercom.
  • With its inbuilt 2.5mm audio socket, you can connect your intercom to a Walkie-Talkie using an appropriate cable which along with the Walkie-Talkie are not provided. Subsequently, you can now communicate with 4 or more riders who have their walkie-talkies with the voice transferred through an earpiece and microphone of intercom’s Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.
  • If the GPS has Bluetooth connectivity, you can transmit the voice navigation to intercom headset. However, if it doesn’t, a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable can be used to connect the GPS to the intercom headset.
  • Its Bluetooth Hands-Free functionality allows you to answer or reject an incoming call, redial last call, as well as auto-receive a call thereby ensuring your safety when driving. Furthermore, it supports music streaming via Bluetooth hands-free thus making sure you get to enjoy your music while riding, and its inbuilt radio offering you a broader range of music to hear.


  • The intercom’s surface has a rubber oil finishing offering you a comfy feel. Additionally, the installation of the intercom is easy in most helmets and operating it even when wearing gloves is easy.
  • Installation of this intercom is simple and is compatible with most of the motorcycle helmets. Also, its operation even when wearing gloves is simple.
  • Since it is water-resistant, this intercom can withstand damage in the event you get rained on thus proving to be durable enough to serve you for a lengthy period.
  • With its Bluetooth Hands-Free feature, your safety while driving is made a priority, therefore, you can either accept or reject a call and even redial the last call. Moreover, you can be able to enjoy music since it supports wireless Bluetooth music streaming hands-free.
  • Its 2.5mm audio socket allows you to connect this intercom to your tablet, smartphone, PC and GPS among other devices and transfer your preferred music into the earpiece through the provided 2.5 to 3.5 mm cable.
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Lexin LX-A4 Motorcycle Intercom


  • The intercom provides a unit-to-unit communication range of 1200 meters which one of the lengthiest intercom ranges. However, this range varies and is mostly affected by visibility and conditions.
  • It has a 6000mAh rechargeable Lithium battery with a charging time of about three hours. Likewise, its standby is approximately 150 hours whereas its talk time is eight hours.
  • This intercom is water resistant thus can still be used even in rainy conditions.
  • Presence of Bluetooth v2.1 connectivity enables you to listen to music, receive/make calls and get turn-by-turn voice navigation through the Hands-Free Profile (HFP), HSP (Headset Profile) and A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).
  • Using LX-A4, up to four drivers can be connected therefore allowing rider-to-rider communication while taking riding trips with its battery capable of lasting up to 8 hours while on talk time hence you and your friends can always be in touch with each other.
  • Having a remote control allows you to safely operate this device without necessitating you to remove your hands from the handlebars thus ensuring a safe ride. Furthermore, you can also receive or reject calls, adjust the volume level, switch communication between riders and much more all easily reachable on the grip-mounted remote.


  • Safety is made a priority with the LX-A4 coming with a remote thereby you will never have to remove your hands from the handlebars when adjusting the volume, receiving or rejecting a call and changing communication between riders. Subsequently, this significantly reduces the chances of an accident.
  • It provides one of the lengthiest intercom ranges of approximately 1200 meters and at the same time still offering you a crystal clear incoming and outgoing audio.
  • With its rechargeable Lithium battery of 6000mAh, this intercom can last up to 8 hours when fully charged thereby ideal when you and your friends are taking long rides.
  • Up to 4 riders can connect their intercoms thus proving to be a vital and fun communication gadget when out with friends and family during long trips.
  • With its Bluetooth v2.1 connectivity, you can listen to music, make or receive calls and also voice navigation hands-free via the HFP, HSP, and A2DP. Consequently, you can experience an enjoyable riding experience.
  • It is waterproof thereby you do not have to worry about the effectiveness of the intercom if rain catches up with you, making it durable despite even exposure to weather elements.
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FreedConn T-COMVB Motorcycle Intercom


  • Its Bluetooth 3.0 supports HSP/HFP (Headset Profile/ Hands-Free Profile) as well as A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile) that is compatible with most Bluetooth gadgets be it MP3 players, smartphones among others. After connection to your GPS and mobile phone, you can easily listen to the GPS voice prompt and carry out a hands-free call. Also, when listening to music on your phone or MP3 player, you can easily control the music using AVRCP (play, pause, backward, forward).
  • The intercom’s Button panel is both waterproof and sun-proof making this intercom considerably durable since it can withstand the harsh weather elements.
  • Supports communication between riders 800 meters apart and traveling at 120km/h. Moreover, it allows a maximum of three users, but only two users can communicate through the intercom concurrently to provide efficient and appropriate communication which is particularly ideal for team riding.
  • Presence of the DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology ensures you get clear and polished voice quality even at high speeds.
  • Its Audio Multitasking technology lets you answer a call and have an intercom whereas simultaneously using the GPS or listening to music. Furthermore, last number dialing and auto-receiving call functionality are also present.
  • The intercom’s battery is a 400mAh rechargeable Polymer with a standby time of roughly 300 hours and a talk time of about 7 hours.


  • The Audio multitasking technology lets you to instantaneously answer a call while still using the GPS system or listening to music.
  • This intercom’s operation and installation are easy thereby saving time since it is not complicated and vague.
  • It can function to a maximum of 800 meters and at a speed of about120km/h hence allowing the riders flexibility during trips not restricting them to low speeds and short distances apart.
  • The intercom is both sun-proof and water resistant thus suitable for use in a wide range of weather and environment.
  • Having the DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology ensures you can receive high-quality sound even at high speeds.
  • Your safety while riding is substantially improved thereby making sure you get to your destination harmless since you can operate the intercom hands-free once connected to either your phone or GPS.
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Motorcycle Intercom Buying Guide

Motorcycle intercoms are small, compact and very useful to allow a more efficient riding experience.

Below is a guide to help in the decision of buying a motorcycle intercom system that suits your needs and ensures you know what is available with the technology.

Prices of Motorcycle Intercom

It will always be something to consider when deciding on any product, and motorcycle helmet intercoms are no exemption. Therefore, you must first decide on the price bracket that fits your budget. Features such as Bluetooth compatibility significantly affect the price of the intercoms, with those having Bluetooth capability being more expensive than those that do not support Bluetooth connectivity.

The Communication Range

When it comes to wireless technologies, the distance significantly affects signal strength, and Bluetooth’s coverage is limited. A typical Bluetooth device has a reception varying in between 33 Ft. to about 2,300 Ft. Therefore when deciding on an ideal intercom, choose one that suits your riding preferences.

Music and Voice Quality

Whether you are in search of an intercom to serve primarily as a communication device or listening to music during rides affects your decision on the type on the intercom to purchase. Consequently, depending on your preference, you should choose an intercom that offers excellent efficiency and entertainment by providing you with both quality music and voice or an intercom with a perfect voice quality alone.

Number of Possible Connections

The number of connections motorcycle intercoms allow tremendously varies some allowing only two to four whereas others allow as many as 10 to 15 connections. It, however, varies with the price of two-person intercoms being cheaper and the price of intercoms with more connections being more expensive.


Nowadays, motorcycle intercoms have numerous functions and controls. Subsequently, operating it can be somewhat confusing especially when you have your eyes focused on the road. Thus, when choosing an intercom, select one with simple controls and has all the necessary features that are most crucial to you. Moreover, you must also be able to touch all the controls conveniently with your gloves on to avoid the inconvenience of always removing your gloves to operate the intercom.

GPS Capability

With your Bluetooth powered intercom headset, you can hear voice instructions from the motorcycle’s GPS navigation system. Additionally, this does not only improve convenience but also your safety since you do not have to look at the GPS gadget occasionally.

Smartphone Connection

During long drives, you can expect to frequently get calls and having a wireless motorcycle intercom comes in handy since you can use Bluetooth connectivity to pair your phone with the intercom. Consequently, you can receive and make hands-free calls conveniently and at the same time improving your safety while on the road.

Water Proof

As a motorcycle rider, you often get exposed to numerous environmental elements and road factors such as dust, rain, dirt, humidity among others. Hence, you need your motorcycle intercom that is weatherproof.

Many of the intercoms today are waterproof since you never know when you may encounter rain while on a road trip. Cheap to expensive water-resistant intercoms are available, but the more costly intercoms are better since they still work efficiently even during hazards and rain.

Noise Cancellation Capabilities

Exposure to environmental elements could affect the quality of your motorcycle intercoms, with a majority of the people having a preference of intercoms with noise canceling capabilities. It is because using such intercoms makes communication between you and your co-riders possible despite the external sounds.

Motorcycle Intercom Conclusion

A motorcycle intercom is a very useful accessory to own, especially if you go riding with friends. This if for the ease of communication and listening to music or GPS directions safely which aids the riding experience.

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