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The Best Motorcycle Gloves 2020

.Motorcycle gloves are a key part to a rider’s uniform when out on the roads along with jackets and pants. Motorcycle gloves help in numerous ways such as keeping the hands warm but also can add that extra grip needed when holding onto the handlebars and protect the hands in the event of falling off the motorcycle.

There are many different types of motorcycle gloves on offer within the market. Short or long gloves can be purchased along with different materials and attributes on offer depending on the preference of the user.

Our favourite motorcycle gloves are the BMW Motorrad Rallye Gloves as these are breathable and contain a flexible material enabling the rider to feel and grip the handlebars better.

Best Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle GloveMaterialAvailable Sizes
Joe Rocket Speedway GlovesCow HideSmall - XXX Large
ScorpionExo Klaw II GlovesGoat Skin LeatherSmall - XXX Large
BMW Motorrad Rallye GloveKangaroo Leather6 1/2 - 12 1/2 Inches
Churchill Classic Deerskin GlovesDeer Skin LeatherX Small - XXX Large
TitanOPS GloveImitation LeatherMedium - XX Large

Joe Rocket Speedway Motorcycle Gloves

The Joe Rocket Speedway Gloves offer a fashionable appearance for riding along with a reasonable price.

The Joe Rocket Speedway Gloves features include the following:

  • Amazing aesthetic appearance from the glove’s outer cover. This is made of a drum dyed cowhide.
  • They have injection shaped carbon knuckles with riveted palms. This offers added protection from cuts and injuries to the fingers and hands after the occurrence of an accident.
  • The drum dyed cowhide outer ensures cool temperature levels within the gloves are maintained. This makes the gloves comfortable while on your hands.
  • Has a hook-and-loop fastening strap typically to improve the gloves grip to your hands. This dramatically improves its elasticity thus allowing you to adjust and readjust depending on what you want effortlessly.
  • The palms have a double layer of the natural drum-dyed cowhide. This enhances your grip and protection when wearing the gloves.


  • These gloves provide excellent value for money. They are durable enough to withstand wear and tear. This means consequently you can use the gloves for an extended period of life.
  • A great sense of comfort is delivered by these gloves. The temperature levels within the gloves are neither too hot nor cold. This thereby does not causing you any discomfort while wearing them.
  • The glove knuckles ensure your hands are always protected. This is in the event of an accident thus proving critical in ensuring the safety of your hands is always guaranteed.
  • Presence of adjustable wrist straps allows excellent flexibility especially when removing or adjusting the gloves. Therefore, you do not get to go through the struggle involved in putting on and removing your gloves.
  • These gloves being drum dyed makes them require very little maintenance since they have a dark color which does not necessitate to be often washed, something which also affects the overall durability of the gloves.
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ScorpionExo Klaw II Leather Street Motorcycle Gloves

The ScorpionExo Klaw II gloves provide a robust and sturdy pair of gloves to ensure the rider’s hands are protected at all times.

The features of the ScorpionExo Klaw II motorcycle gloves are as follows:

  • The glove is made of a sturdy goatskin thereby ensuring it can endure even the most arduous duties you may expose it to be it tactical training, riding, outdoors, combat, cycling, hunting, and airsoft.
  • It has TPU molded knuckles protection that makes sure your hands are always protected from cuts and injuries you may get exposed to while doing any duty that necessitates the use of these gloves. Additionally, the presence of TPR molded protectors increases your hand’s safety in the event an accident occurs.
  • Has a hoop and loop wrist closure that makes it easy and significantly functional to put on the gloves in preparation for your duties. Moreover, this makes its attachment to the hands be reinforced thereby ensuring the gloves stick to your hands firmly.
  • Its pre-curved palm and fingers improve your grip making this gloves fit your hands comfortably thus allowing for better agility while you are carrying out tasks.
  • These gloves come with a neoprene wrist relief panel which improves the glove’s functionality tremendously since it provides a firmer grip and greater elasticity. Furthermore, having the rib-sketch expansion knuckles gives you a higher level of flexibility.


  • These gloves are very comfortable in the hands.  This enables you to be able to carry out your duties with better efficiency. It also is able to maintain the ideal temperature within the gloves.
  • In the event you get involved in an accident, having these gloves on is hugely convenient. They ensure your hands are safe from injuries and cuts since as they significantly reduce the impact. They act as a shield.
  • The gloves are sturdy and hardy. Owning these gloves is ideal since they can serve you in whatever duty you may be using them to do. This could be hiking, cycling, or even hunting thus proving the importance of owning these gloves.
  • These gloves look great and fit well on your hands and do not get off quickly. It is difficult to misplace them in the event they slid off accidentally. Additionally, having an excellent appearance makes these gloves very practical.
  • They provide excellent value for money. The gloves provide you with a high-quality product at an affordable price in comparison to others.
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BMW Motorrad Rallye Motorcycle Gloves

The BMW Motorrad Rallye Gloves are a great purchase for the adventure rider that requires durable yet able to accommodate all weather conditions.

The BMW Motorrad Rallye gloves feature the following:

  • Unlined love perfect for the warmer weather when riding.
  • Off-road riding capable due to stretchy materials on the back of the hand. Durable protectors and foam padding ensure safety and comfort.
  • Kangaroo leather palm to aid in grip to the handlebars to make sure that optimal grip is kept throughout the whole journey and in all weather conditions.
  • Ventilation for those journeys which are longer to ensure the rider’s hands stay cool at all times.
  • Short cuff on the gloves to help with easier movements and enabling a better range of movement.
  • Velcro fastening to aid in safe yet secure fitting to the rider’s hand to protect from slipping in the event of weather conditions making the hand sweaty or wet.


  • Breathable and durable material to ensure that the rider has a pleasant ride each time they wear the gloves whatever the weather may be.
  • Ventilation through the fingers ensures that rider has cool air running through their hands to aid in mitigating sweaty or wet hands.
  • High quality material used to ensure that the gloves keep their attributes for a longer period of time.
  • Safety ability for the gloves is great due to the back of the hand having protection along with the super fabrics used in areas that are at risk in the event of a fall.
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Churchill Classic Short Wrist Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

The Churchill Classic Deerskin gloves provide a different and unique appearance to the usual motorcycle glove.

The Churchill Classic Deerskin motorcycle gloves features include:

  • Made from deerskin which is soft and fits the hands snugly consequently allowing for nimbleness. Therefore, if you are in handy work, these gloves would be the perfect glove for you.
  • The soft nature of deerskin makes wearing this gloves comfortable. Furthermore, its softness makes this material great in temperature regulation eliminating any chance you may experience discomfort when wearing them.
  • After washing these gloves, they neither harden nor shrink when wet and even after drying making its maintenance very easy. Moreover, due to being incredibly soft and light, they do dry up fairly quickly with this ideal for use over an extended period since they do not require frequent washing since they are odor-free.
  • Deerskin is both flexible and, and this allows you to use these gloves for various tasks without having to necessarily worry about them getting damaged be it during hunting, hiking or combat. Furthermore, due to its flexibility, these gloves assure an added grip along being comfortable to wear and take off.
  • The strengthened stitching at stress areas delivers an extra level of protection to the hands preventing cuts and injuries if you unluckily get involved in an accident reducing the impact on your hands.
  • Its elasticized wrist and short wrist cuff increase the glove’s functionality since it makes it easy to take the gloves on and off plus ensuring they fit neatly on the hands improving handiness.


  • The soft deerskin makes wearing these gloves comfy subsequently improving its dexterity when working since they fit the hands perfectly. Additionally, the deerskin makes temperature levels within the gloves ideal.
  • By having the stress areas reinforced, these gloves make sure your hands are safe from cuts and bruises. If you did have an accident, these would reduce the impact on your hands.
  • The gloves are short wrist cuff and elasticized wrist. This means the use of these gloves are made easier as the process of taking them on and off is made less complicated. Additionally, the grip on the hand is improved tremendously eliminating any possibility of your gloves falling off accidentally.
  • Maintaining these gloves due to their soft deerskin is easy. They do not require frequent cleaning, do not harden when wet or dry and get dry hastily after cleaning thus perfect for long-term usage.
  • The soft and sturdy deerskin is durable. This is ideal for all tasks requiring you to have these gloves on for an extended; therefore, you can enjoy value for your money.
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Titan OPS Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

The Titan OPS Hard Knuckle gloves offer the rider a versatile glove. This means you can use them for riding or other outdoor sports that require gloves such as hunting or cycling.

The features of the Titan OPS Hard Knuckle motorcycle gloves are as follows:

  • The full finger knuckles on these gloves protect the knuckles. This therefore prevents you from getting any injuries and cuts. Furthermore, the shields help in lessening an impact in case of an accident thus reducing the extent of the damage.
  • These gloves are durable even after exposure to a variety of activities. These are such as hiking, cycling, combat, hunting, tactical training among others hence being able to serve you for a long time without necessitating replacement.
  • Having adjustable wrist straps and reinforced palm allows a great deal of flexibility. This is because they make it easier for you to use the gloves. This may be wearing or taking off the gloves in addition to delivering a proper grip and warmth.
  • The gloves are odor-free, bacteria resistant consequently minimal washing is needed.  Washing them is easy, and they dry up quickly. They are also washing machine safe thus perfect for long-term use.
  • The gloves are made from leather lycra, microfiber, nylon and with extra stitching. These gloves deliver a great deal of comfort as well as excellent ventilation allowing the gloves to breathe. Temperature levels within the gloves are comfy along with the gloves being a perfect fit on the hands.


  • These gloves are durable thus you can use them for an extended period without having to worry of replacement. As a result, they provide you with great value for money for serving you for a very long time.
  • The presence of adjustable wrist straps and strengthened padded palm makes these gloves very much elastic. They will also provide you with a firm grip. The process of taking them on and off is less hectic making this making them appropriate to use.
  • The safety of your hands is assured due to the knuckles present on it. These protecting the hands by reducing the accident’s impact. Furthermore, with these gloves on, you do not have to worry about cuts, bruises, and injuries as the safeguard your hands to a great extent.
  • Maintaining these gloves is easy and does not require constant cleaning up since it is both odor-free and bacteria free. In addition to that, washing them using a washing machine is safe and will not cause any damage. They also take minimal amount of time to dry up.
  • These gloves are very comfy on the hands. This is because its materials snugly fit on the hands, therefore, improving its handiness. Also, these gloves provide you with a lot of comforts keeping your hands warm but still breathing well.
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Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide

Motorcycle gloves are a key item of kit for the rider as it helps with protection from harm and weather conditions along with assisting with grip when holding onto the handlebars.

Below is a guide to aid your decision and ensure you buy the correct gloves for riding your motorcycle.

Price of the Motorcycle Gloves

Nowadays, you can get an excellent glove from a trustworthy company at an affordable price. Nevertheless, if you are on a budget, it is advisable to shop for specific features you need the glove to have instead of the brand name since you will find a glove with all the features you need at a cheaper price than opting to go for a specific brand that is more expensive and has the exact features.

The Style of Motorcycle

It dramatically affects the type of gloves that best suit your needs. Race or sports gloves have a lot of hot colors and armor, cruiser gloves have a simplistic and more traditional look and touring gloves come with many weather protections and features.

Climate You Are Dealing With

If you are located in an area which is mostly dry, leather gloves are ideal for you. However, if you are located in an area with harsh climatic changes, you should opt for a glove that is all-weather plus waterproof to improve its practicality.

The Fit

When you are deciding on which gloves to buy, always go for those that fit tightly on your hands and at the same time still comfortable on your hands not restricting any movement within the gloves. If movement becomes impossible, it is an indication that you should go for a bigger glove size.


While this depends on the general usage of the glove, a typical glove should last for about one year or 35,000 to 40,000 kilometers before getting holes on the fingers. It applies to all types of gloves even race gloves.

The Glove Construction

The type of material that makes the gloves is fundamental be it deerskin, kangaroo, textile, cow leather or mesh since they offer different levels of protection to your hands. However leather provides the best protection. Nowadays some gloves made from mesh, textile and leather are excellent for heavy duty tasks with the leather and textile gloves ideal due to waterproof capabilities despite the textile gloves feeling much better once wet.

The Cuff

Usually, motorcycle gloves come in three sizes that are the short cuffs, the mid-cuff, and the full cuff. The short cuff is said to offer the most convenience but least protection, the mid-cuff offering less convenience and more protection. The full cuff gloves provide the most protection despite critics slamming it for its inconvenience in putting and taking off.

What Makes the Armor?

The armor on gloves can either be made from thermoplastic armor or discount PVC, but these are generally found on cheaper gloves and offer lower protection. Top brands have Kevlar or other composite materials with the knuckles the central point where gloves provide protection but if you pay more, extra protectors on the joints are included.


Motorcycle gloves come in all sorts of different materials and fits to allow the rider to find a pair that is to their preference and personality.

Choosing a pair of motorcycle gloves all depends on cost, materials and practicality which is down the to the rider to choose.

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