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The Best Motorcycle Cleaning Brushes 2020

Cleaning your motorcycle is a task that shouldn’t be a chore. When it comes to cleaning your motorcycle, you should take pride in how you clean it and attempt to use the best tools possible. Motorcycle cleaning brushes along with the best motorcycle cleaning kits which include all the cleaning chemical products ensure your motorcycle looks showroom quality.

Motorcycle cleaning brushes are a key part in cleaning your motorcycle. The better the brush, the more areas of the motorcycle you can reach and clean. Different brushes can offer different cleaning specialties. For example, you can get smaller brushes that you will be able to get into smaller areas of the engine bay or clean the chains with lube. This is compared to the larger cleaning brushes that you would use for the wheels.

When looking for the best motorcycle cleaning brushes, you need to make sure you choose ones that have any metal parts protruding. If the brush does, then this can cause significant damage to your motorcycle’s paintwork.

The best motorcycle cleaning brushes are the Muc Off 5 Piece Brush Set as they give you a full range of cleaning equipment to ensure you can get to all areas of your motorcycle.

Below is a summary table of the best motorcycle cleaning brushes that we have reviewed for your ease of reading.

ProductItems Within Kit
Muc Off5
Park Tool4
Finish Line5
Amazon Basics2
Chemical Guys1


Muc Off 5 Piece Motorcycle Cleaning Brushes Set

This set of motorcycle cleaning brushes can be regarded as your ‘go to’ brush pack. You have all the necessary utensils  to clean your motorcycle properly and get the dirt out of all the difficult areas. It really is worth the money to invest.

Features of the Muc Off 5 Piece Brush Set are:

  • Storage bag to keep all the cleaning brushes together.
  • Soft washing, final detailing, chain, wheel and two prong brushes.
  • Rubberized impact zones for maximum protection.
  • Sintered nylon bristles for safe cleaning on your motorcycle.
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Park Tool BCB-4.2 Motorcycle Cleaning Brushes

The Park Tool cleaning brushes are another set that enable you to cover all cleaning bases when cleaning your motorcycle. They enable you to clean the main areas of your motorcycle along with the areas that are hard to get to.

Park Tool BCB-4.2 Cleaning Brushes features are:

  • 4 Piece brush set that helps target all areas of the motorcycle.
  • Soft bristles for soaping and gentle cleaning.
  • Sponge and bristle combination brush for persistence tough dirt and grime.
  • Tapered brush to ensure cleaning of tight areas.
  • ‘Gearclean’ brush which features tough nylon bristles along with a curved toothed pick on the other end to ensure your gears are clean properly.
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Finish Line Easy Pro Motorcycle Cleaning Brushes

The Finish Line Easy Pro products ensure that your motorcycle will come off looking showroom quality once you have utilized all the different types of brushes. This cleaning brush kit will help your motorcycle looking in top shape.

Features of the Finish Line Easy Pro are:

  • Multiple brushes for general cleaning and specific cleaning areas.
  • Includes chain for hanging brushes to dry after use.
  • User guide included.
  • Designed to tackle all problems such as dirt and grease.
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Amazon Basic Deluxe Microfiber Mitt

These microfiber clothes may not be brushes, but they are used instead. These cloths are worn as gloves and are a great way to wash the body of your motorcycle and wrap around the wheels. The mitts come in packs of 2.

Features of the Amazon Basic Deluxe Microfiber Cloth are:

  • Soft surface to ensure no scratches on your paintwork.
  • Absorbs 7x its weight in water for fast and efficient results.
  • Electric wrist cuff to keep the mitt on your hand.
  • Machine washable.
  • One year warranty.
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Chemical Guys Body/Wheel Motorcycle Cleaning Brush

This brush is made by the very reputable brand chemical Guys and is made of very robust materials. The brush comes in both a long handle or short handle to ensure you have enough reach on the brush to reach to any area required.

Features of the Chemical Guys Motorcycle Cleaning Bush are:

  • Product comes in both long and short handles.
  • Heavy duty non slip handle for sturdy grip.
  • Feathered ends of bristles for gentle cleaning.
  • Able to clean body and wheels.
  • Large brush to tackle big areas of dirt.
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Clean The Motorcycle Yourself

Even though you could go to your local car wash to have your motorcycle cleaned, you may find they miss a few spots as they could be in a rush. Cleaning your motorcycle yourself should mean you clean all areas of your vehicle and generally can use better products.

Should I Use A Jet Washer?

Jet washers are not necessary for cleaning your motorcycle. If you stand too close whilst using one, they could damage your paintwork. Even worse, they could make a wire loose with the pressure of the water hitting the connection. A standard garden hose is completely acceptable to wash your motorcycle and will get rid of any patches of dirt. Cleaning brushes do the main job of removing those stubborn bits of grime!

What Cleaning Products To Use

It is always best to use specialized vehicle cleaning kits. These products are engineered for the use on certain materials and finishes that your motorcycle will have. If you end up using cleaning products not specified for vehicles, this could have a result which removes your polish or wax protection or even worse, being corrosive and damaging your paintwork.

Order of Cleaning

You should carry out all soapy shampooing to the main areas of your motorcycle first. This gets rid of all the surface dirt and grime. Once you have done this you grab your cleaning brushes and target the hard to get to areas. These areas are the likes of chains, wheel spokes and in between the engine.

Once you have scrubbed all the dirt and grime off, hose down your motorcycle and grab a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth. Your mircrofiber cloth aids in clearing all the water droplets that are left after hosing your motorcycle down.

The final step of making your motorcycle looking showroom condition is to apply a polish. This is what will give your motorcycle the finishing touch and shine that will make it glisten in the sun!



Motorcycle cleaning brushes are key products to aid in getting your motorcycle showroom standard. Dirt and grit gets into all the holes that your motorcycle has and ensuring you have the right brushes helps your task become much easier to get the full clean experience. Ensuring you have the correct equipment makes your life easier and more efficient. You will be ecstatic with the results of putting the work in.

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