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The Best Motorcycle Boots 2020


Motorcycle boots are one of the most important parts of clothing a rider can wear when out on their motorcycle. Specialized motorcycle boots are made so that the rider is protected from crashes and the elements along with them being fashionable and comfortable enough for the duration of the rider’s journey. They should combine with your motorcycle pants to ensure the best safety and protection possible.

Below are the top 5 boots we have reviewed along with their features and advantages. All boots suit different preferences of each rider depending on their needs, be it riding around tracks or touring around the country.

Motorcycle BootType
SIDI Crossfire 2 SRSSport/Race
Vulcan V300 VelocitySport/Race
Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Tactical Adventure
Bruno Marc New York Military Cruiser/Touring
Harley-Davidson ScoutCruiser/Touring

SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS Motorcycle Boots


  • All the bolt on component of these boots and this includes the sole is wholly replaceable.
  • The shoes have a laminated Technomicro which is always used in all the regions as the base material.
  • The back of these boots comes with a list of riders who put on the Sidi Crossfire 2 boots to the victory back in 2016.
  • Features anti-skid rubber SR sole is entirely replaceable by hand tools, unlike any other sole system in the available in the market.
  • The optional Enduro or Supermoto soles can be easily fitted as well as being replaceable. Moreover, the boot has a thin, cool non-bootie design.
  • With the calf plate system that features an internal double adjustment, it can expand to fit even the biggest calf properly. Moreover, the inner heat shield is made from a high grip material, as well as a nylon liner no dangerous steel shank.
  • At the top of the boots, gaiter in the inside region is a high grip anti-heat panel, a flexible belt with Hook and Loop Closure seals found at the top of the boot to protect against the elements. Furthermore, there exists a removable arch support.
  • Inside the boot’s tongue is a protective interior gusset, with the toe region being enclosed by protective plastic. The boot’s heel is functionally shaped to firmly hold the rider’s foot in place, as well as being rigid and shock-resistant. Subsequently, this offers resistance while twisting thus offering you extra protection.
  • Having a replaceable, smooth and micro modifiable cam lock buckle system that has a memory retention nylon strap. Additionally, all the buckles are joined by a screw at one point and move independently of each other.


  • The boots are very comfortable thereby an excellent choice when going hiking on trails and dual sports rides. Subsequently, with these boots, your legs are not exhausted even after wearing them for an extended duration.
  • Having hinges makes shifting while having these shoes very easy and at the same time not being very bulky thereby causing you much inconvenience during your trip.
  • These boots are the only ones that come with endure soles. Moreover, the soles are entirely replaceable, with the center part of the sole being the only replaceable part on the 3’s.
  • After ordering these boots, the delivery is made on time thereby not causing you any inconvenience in case you wanted to use these boots immediately.
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Vulcan V300 Velocity Sport Motorcycle Boots


  • These boots come with an anti-slip oil resistant rubber sole. This significantly improves your grip while hiking and traveling through slippery surfaces. This reduces the chances of an accident happening.
  • Having a strengthened shin and ankle makes wearing these boots very safe for your foot. This is because it guarantees added protection. This subsequently eliminates any chances of getting injuries when you have your shoes.
  • To improve comfort, these boots come with a padded topline and stretch panels to achieve a comfortable fit. This is perfect for extended trips.
  • The lining of the shoes is a leather water-resistant membrane. This guarantees you that water will not enter your boots causing you a tremendous amount of discomfort.


  • Pricing of these boots is exceptional offering you an excellent quality product but still factoring in affordability.
  • The shoes perfectly fit while on therefore ensuring your maximum comfort during your trip. Simultaneously, this guarantees you great ease while walking with these shoes.
  • Having a rubber sole that is oil resistant guarantees that the boot’s grip while walking is tremendously enhanced. This then eliminates any possibility of you falling off during long trails.
  • Presence of a reinforced ankle and shin safeguard the safety of your foot when having the boots on. This ensures you never get injured when you wear these boots.
  • Water-resistant due to the leather upper, waterproof membrane coating mean that these boots ensure your feet always remain dry. This then leaves you to focus all your attention on the trip.
  • Comfy due to the padded top line and stretch panels. This is very convenient especially for the long hikes through rough and rugged terrain.
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Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Tactical Motorcycle Boots


  • The boots come with a slip-resistant rubber outsole which is specially engineered to lessen the loss of traction. They also have an innovative design which grips fences, waxed platforms, ladders and anything else the urban jungle can throw at it.
  • The construction is from nylon and leather making it sturdy and provides you with the maximum possible protection. This considerably reduces the chances of you getting an injury. Additionally, the boots have a gusseted tongue which keeps out dirt.
  • The boots have an EVA Midsole which produces cradled support as well as lightweight comfort. For additional support, a steel shank is used. Furthermore, having a board-lasted construction generates a torsional firmness. This significantly reduces fatigue to the foot during the long working hours.
  • Breach 2.0 offers you a high-quality construction usually at an affordable price. This gives you the best value for your money. Irrespective of your trade, if you need footwear, these boots are one you can entirely rely on. They can work as hard as you consequently outliving and outclassing its competitors. Moreover, part of the proceeds from the sale of these boots is donated to Operation First Response.
  • The boots are famous for exceptional quality due to construction done through exquisite attention to detail. This creates boots which set the construction standard, price and durability to its competitors. The development is also based upon years of top-quality manufacturing and experience of the industry.


  • Being built by nylon and leather makes these boots robust enough to guarantee you your safety with them on. This alleviates the chances of getting an injury. The boots also do this while at the same time not comprising on the luxury when wearing these boots.
  • The company is renown to produce affordable footwear and simultaneously not compromising on the quality. This therefore giving you the best value for your money. Likewise, this does not matter on your profession and intended use of the boots. The company are always working hard enough to outdo and outlast competing brands.
  • Due to the rubber outsole, slip resistance is substantially heightened and hence reduces the loss of traction. The groundbreaking design found in these boots can be used for many other terrains the urban jungle throws at it.
  • Presence of an EVA Midsole produces cradle support and lightweight weight. This offers you the much-needed ease while wearing these boots. Consequently, you can wear these boots for a lengthy time and still not result in your legs feeling fatigued. Also, the foot fatigue is minimized by the board-lasted construction which generates torsional rigidity.
  • Having been in the industry for long time, these boots set the standards for other manufacturers. This is regarding constructing durable, affordable and standard construction required. All this is carried out with top quality manufacturing and industry experience.
  • The zippers unlike in many other boots available in the market stay up once closed. This proves the incredible durability of these boots to handle every terrain they get exposed to.
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Bruno Marc New York Military Combat Motorcycle Boots


  • This combat motorcycle boot features a classic vintage design which makes it unique and stands out from many of its competing brands by being the most fashionable boots found in the market. Additionally, many different color options are available to choose from depending on your personal preference.
  • Usually, the heel measures about one inch. This ensures the ankle boots remain comfy even after you wear them for an extended duration.
  • It has a motorcycle-inspired and combat design along non-skid rubber outsole. These boots guarantee easy movement thus proving to be exceedingly convenient. Furthermore, opening and closing the side zipper is easy, as is the side zipper.
  • Construction of these boots is made from all human-made materials.
  • These boots feature a sturdy rubber sole which can easily maneuver through all the different types of terrain. This could be during a dry summer, heavy snow or during hikes.
  • The quality control team pays a lot of attention to detail during the manufacturing process. Even doing this, the comfort of the boots is the main priority.


  • The boots take its inspiration from the current trends and fashion in the streets. This thereby creates a trendy and modern design which always makes you feel in touch with today’s world. Furthermore, there are many diverse color options to choose from depending on which best fits your style.
  • These boots have a durable rubber sole hence easily passes through many different terrains. This does not limit your movement anytime you have these boots which makes them very practical.
  • The boots boots are very comfy hence can be worn for an extended period without making you feel the sore. This is an excellent option for days when you are planning to take lengthy tours, particularly so if it is through rough terrain.
  • The combat design along the non-skid rubber outsole means that movement with these boots is straightforward. This makes them very appropriate in whatever scenario you want to use them. Additionally, the open and close side zippers along the decorative buckle ease any hustle which may arise while you use these boots.
  • Even after continued use, the boots show resilience to wear and tear. This makes them a perfect option if you are looking for a boot which will serve you excellently for an extended period.
  • Being a great fit, stylish and still affordable makes these boots stand out from other boots in the market. Boots of similar quality will tend to cost you noticeably more.
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Harley-Davidson Scout Motorcycle Boots


  • Comes with a Goodyear welted outsole. This is the most durable and oldest construction method which shows the lack of compromise on the dependability of these boots.
  • At the base of these boots is a hard rubber outsole which is oil, abrasion and slip resistant. This guarantees you safety from slipping in every step you make while carrying your day to day tasks.
  • The famous and iconic moto-inspiration is included along a classic harness silhouette. This along with a Harley-Davidson bar and shield on the top side of the boots.
  • Due to the YNK locking zippers in the boot’s interior, these boots provide you with a perfect snug fit. It has lasting comfort ensuring you do not feel any fatigue while on the road.
  • The sole is made of rubber thereby making them ideal for use in every terrain.
  • Made from 100 percent leather which is evidence of the fabulous quality these boots.


  • Being made from leather, these boots provide you with exceptional quality and thus can last for a very long time withstanding every element it gets exposure to during its use.
  • The harness boots along the metallic logo convey a trendy look making you feel comfortable while out and about. Furthermore, being a perfect fit enhances further the fashionable look of these boots.
  • Having the inside zippers along the leather material used in the boots manufacture ensure a perfect snug fit while having these boots on and carrying out your day to day duties thus making them very appropriate.
  • These boots feature a hard rubber outsole which is resistant to oil, abrasion, and slip. Subsequently, this guarantees you security for every step you make with these boots on through all different types of terrain.
  • Construction of these boots features a Goodyear welted outsole, which is usually the oldest and most robust construction method which does not compromise on the boot’s reliability. Therefore, these boots last for lengthy periods before getting damaged.
  • Being light in weight, these boots are convenient to use in whatever terrain, thus purchasing them is a grand bargain.
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Buying Guide for Motorcycle Boots

When purchasing motorcycle boots, there are many things to think of. The comfort of the boot is a necessary for journey times and riding positions along with it’s protection in the event that the rider falls or crashes off their bike. Motorcycle boots can also be produced in different materials which make them weather proof and fashionable.

These 4 things are the main items to think about when purchasing motorcycle boots along with the other below considerations to aid the rider purchase the perfect motorcycle boots for them.


When searching for motorcycle boots, always choose one that is within your price bracket since there exists a wide array of options at all price levels. Usually, the material used in the manufacture determines the boot’s prices, with leather boots being more expensive in comparison to those made from human-made materials. Furthermore, boots that cost more are usually for multipurpose which means they can be used for various other activities.

Lastly, for your first motorcycle boots, it is advisable to remain within the entry level, and after some time upgrading to the middle level and not going beyond this point.

Fit and Comfort

All the necessary fit information of boots and shoes carries over to motorcycle boots; however, you must consider your body position while riding and not just the coziness of the shoes while testing them out in the store. It is because ankle position plays a significant role in how comfortable you get to feel while wearing the new boots during your motorcycle rides.

Also, the material used in manufacturing the boots is one you must contemplate, and particularly so because the weather conditions you are from will significantly impact your decision. If you are from a warmer climatic region, it is critical to search for vented option boots since this will keep you more comfortable.


Despite a fashionable look or the latest feature being essential, safety is the most important of them all since you want to walk away from a slide or crash safely.

In your everyday riding, durability and stability are two vital factors you must always consider in your every day riding. It is because placing your foot down to stop requires a good grip, balance in your ankle to support both the bike and your body as well as sure footing. Likewise, the motorcycle boots must be durable and sturdy enough to withstand any eating without cracking.

Additionally, the boots need to have safety features which offer abrasion and impact protection. Padding, triple and double layers of armor and materials guarantee you impact absorption thus keeping all the minute bones in your feet intact.

Use of the Boots

Sport racing boots do look like an exciting and great idea; nevertheless, if you intend to use your boots in commuting to work daily, there is a likelihood you will find these foots too uncomfortable. Moreover, motocross boots are robust and provide you with significant amounts of protection, unlike sports bikes which tend to be bulky and do not suit the bike. Touring boots, on the other hand, are excellent for most styles of motorcycles. Therefore, deciding on a motorcycle boot that suits your needs differs from one rider to another usually depending on the different style, different bikes and the different seasons.


Motorcycle boots are a vital part of riding motorcycles and you should definitely consider purchasing a pair when owning a motorcycle for safety alone. Prices vary from affordable to specialized for certain activities from track to touring.

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