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The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet 2020

Buying a motorcycle bluetooth helmet can be daunting task if you do not know much about the technology. There are vast amounts of different helmets that are bluetooth compatible and that come with the communications technology already installed.

Motorcycle bluetooth helmets can be in one ear or both ears depending on the rider’s preference. Below are 5 of the best motorcycle bluetooth helmets available on the market to help in making a decision on what bluetooth helmet to purchase.

The best motorcycle bluetooth helmet that we reviewed was the Bell Mag-9 bluetooth helmet which you can read about below.

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

Bluetooth HelmetWeight
Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Modular Helmet3.88lbs
ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet4.40lbs
HJC CL-MAX II Bluetooth Helmet5.40lbs
Nolan N40 Street Motorcycle Helmet4.90lbs
Bell 7000714 Bluetooth Helmet3.00lbs

Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Modular Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet


  • Comes with a high-tech injection shaped polycarbonate shell. This guarantees your head is safe in the event you get involved in a crash due to its study nature.
  • Its interior has a removable lining that is completely removable. It also has a chin deflector which subsequently ensures your complete comfort while wearing the helmet.
  • Has an interior drop-down sun shield due which is conveniently located.  Deploying it even while in motion is very easy thus very handy and practical.
  • Present on this helmet is a quick release clear locking shield which comes as a standard requirement. The purpose is to make it easier to remove the helmet. This eradicates any hustle which might be present when taking off the helmet.
  • There is a chin mounted airflow system which allows for excellent airflow ventilation. The helmet has a closing and opening functionality. When you are riding your motorcycle, you do not feel at any one point suffocated which aids in comfort.


  • The quick release clear locking shield which comes as a standard feature is significantly appropriate. This is because it allows easy removal of the helmet once you are done with your road trip.
  • Having a fully removable interior lining which also has a chin deflector comes in handy. This is so you can always clean the coating which can get dirty after continued use. This can be  due to heavy sweating which happens when you are wearing the helmet.
  • These helmets safeguard you in the event of an accident. This is due to the manufacturing which uses a hi-tech injection shaped polycarbonate shell. This is particularly vital due to the increased incidences of motorcycle accidents.
  • Presence of an interior drop-down sun shield helps you by removing strain when riding your motorcycle. This is especially at high speeds due to the intense sun rays and winds at high speeds. This then improves your overall motorcycle driving experience.
  • It has an excellent chin mounted airflow ventilation system that has an opening and closing functionality. This considerably increases the airflow within the helmet hence improving the general driving experience.
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ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up Full-Face Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet


  • The maximum distance it supports two drivers to use its intercom is 1000 Feet, as well as having 2 High-Quality In-built speakers which have Full Stereo Sound.
  • Has Bluetooth 3.0 Technology that can last to approximately 110 Hours on Standby, and eight hours of talk time. Moreover, both the adjustable vents as well as the microfiber liner are fully washable.
  • Present in this motorcycle Bluetooth helmet is a one-touch control used for either rejecting and answering incoming calls, making calls and redialing. Additionally, an incoming call automatically overrides FM radio, Music, Intercom and GPS Navigation Audio.
  • Featured in this motorcycle helmets are high-quality noise suppression technology which ensures you still get to hear the high-quality voice even at high speeds and DSP Echo cancellation. Also, these helmets meet and exceed the set standards of both DOT and ECE.
  • The battery of this Bluetooth system enters deep sleep mode when the Bluetooth system has not been used for a considerable amount of time. During this period, Bluetooth functionality is not accessible and to restore its functionality; you must charge the battery for at least half an hour. Likewise, an additional battery box is available if the original one fails to work correctly.


  • Has a one-touch control to either receive or reject incoming calls, making calls and even redialing is exceedingly appropriate since it allows you to easily make calls while still having your eyes entirely focused on the road. It significantly reduces the chances of an accident occurring.
  • Having the noise suppression technology together with a DSP echo cancellation feature guarantees you can still hear high quality sounds even while at high speeds, whether you are listening to the FM Radio or Music player via Bluetooth.
  • Intercoms on this motorcycle Bluetooth helmet work up to 1000 Feet between riders, therefore, ensures you still are in touch with your riding partners. It is particularly important if you get an issue an necessitate the help of your riding partners.
  • Both the adjustable vents and microfiber liner are completely washable which is vital since while riding a motorcycle, you sweat a lot, and therefore the interior lining needs to be always kept clean to improve your riding experience.
  • The Bluetooth 3.0 Technology can last up to eight hours of talk time and a maximum of 110 hours on standby. It proves particularly helpful if you intend to take long trips since still get to enjoy music as well as making or receiving calls.
  • The interior of these helmets is comfortable enough to ensure you do get to enjoy touring with this motorbike.
  • The Bluetooth system going into sleep mode after not being used for a while can get annoying after some time.
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HJC Solid Men’s CL-MAX II Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet


  • Usually, the helmet comes in a uniform black color as a standard feature in all the helmets.
  • The size of the helmet is a standard X-Large which is perfect since it ensures your comfort while having the helmet is maximized.


  • Installation of a Bluetooth headset is easy therefore proving to be increasingly convenient since you do not go through a lot of stress to get it to function correctly.
  • Has an excellent ventilation system which is critical because it ensures you get to enjoy your tour since you get enough airflow thus can entirely focus on the road and hence minimize the chances of having an accident.
  • Being large enough ensures you get a helmet which is large enough to comfortably fit your head, with adequate room also if you wear glasses. Therefore, it proves to be quite a crucial feature in improving your overall riding experience.
  • Generally, the noise level even at high speeds is increasingly minimized thus allows you to listen to either your FM Radio or Music Player as you are touring. Subsequently, this improves your overall driving experience.
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Nolan N40 Adult Street Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet


  • Has an aerodynamic, lightweight, polycarbonate shell which has an in-built spoiler which aims at improving the helmet’s stability. Also, the polycarbonate shell ensures the helmet is sturdy enough to resist breakage in case you get involved in a crash.
  • Typically, the face shield is optically accurate, as well as having outstandingly huge eye port and UV400. Also, present is a lengthy shield which protects the face wholly and an owner’s manual, peak plus side covers.
  • Features a Vision Protection System (VPS) that is fog-resistant, sun shield as well as an internal resistance to scratches, and this is significantly proving critical while on the road since it reduces the probability of an accident. Furthermore, since it has a quick-change mechanism, changing the shield is very simple and convenient.
  • The N40 cheek pads can be custom made to become a perfect fit hence guaranteeing you maximum comfort as you are riding your motorcycle, therefore get to pay attention to the road.
  • Installation of the included peak that is easy and done within a couple of seconds and the clear shield is still wholly functional. Additionally, it is already equipped for an N-Com communication system.
  • Has a detached neck roll that lowers the wind noise inside the helmet that is detachable during summer. Also, present is a Microlock2 which is easily adjustable plus a quick-release retention mechanism.
  • A velour chin-strap padding is available to allow you a comfy chin rest while touring on your motorbike with this considerably improving your driving experience.
  • It is DOT approved as well as ECE-2205 Approved in Europe.
  • Has a fully detachable and washable Clima-Comfort linear which is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.


  • Being DOT and ECE-2205 Approved provides you with the needed assurance you are getting a high-quality helmet. This guarantees comfort, safety, and practicality.
  • The noise cancellation feature ensures that the wind does not inhibit you from listening to your favorite music via Bluetooth.
  • The polycarbonate shell that is tough enough to resist breakage after a breakage ensures your head does not sustain a lot of injuries. This could be the cause of loss or a lot of health complications.
  • Being built using lightweight and aerodynamic material, the polycarbonate shell which has an in-built spoiler improves your overall stability. This ensures you have the right balance. You need this whilst riding at high speeds and this minimizes chances of an accident.
  • Having a completely removable and washable Clima-Comfort liner enables you always to remove and clean. This thereby ensures you continually have a clean lining. This is especially since a lot of sweating happens when wearing a helmet. Likewise, the coating is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial further looking after your health.
  • Presence of Vision Protection System (VPS) aids in minimizing internal resistance to scratches plus also becoming fog-resistant. This becomes helpful as it helps in increasing the general visibility while driving.
  • Due to the quick-change mechanism, changing the breeze becomes significantly easy. This proves to be quite essential.
  • Being compatible with an N-Com communication system makes this motorcycle helmet very helpful. This is because you can receive or make calls while still focusing on the road.
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Bell Mag-9 Open Face Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet


  • Has an integrated communication port which accommodates both Senna and Card Bluetooth stereo headset as well as intercom systems.
  • Presence of a velocity flow ventilation system which has flow adjust which consequently aids in proper ventilation of the area within the helmet thus improving the ease of using the helmet when driving.
  • Due to construction using a lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell, the helmet offers you with a durable helmet that is highly resistant to a crash, yet still being light enough to use while driving.
  • Comes in three EPS sizes, therefore, ensuring every individual manages to get a perfectly tailored fit.
  • Its design easily houses the Bell-specific Senna SMH10 Bluetooth stereo headset plus intercom. Furthermore, this versatile and ultra-comfy redefines the category of open face helmets.
  • The speaker pockets are appropriately situated making the set up of this communication gadget simple.
  • There exist numerous configuration options, with or without either the shield or visor. Also, the tool-free changes happen fast and easy.


  • Has three different EPS sizes thus can fit a broader range of individuals since its availability on a personalized fit.
  • Comes with various configuration options; therefore you can easily and hastily make tool-free shield changes. Furthermore, that can be done with or without either visor or shield.
  • Construction using lightweight polycarbonate makes this motorcycle helmet sturdy enough as well as light enough. Subsequently, this improves your driving experience as well as your safety during your tour.
  • Due to the velocity flow ventilation system, you get enough airflow during your ride, and hence you get enough air ensuring you do not suffocate while on your trip. Therefore, this significantly increases your safety since your whole attention will now be on the road.
  • Offers enough space within the helmet thus ensuring you get a comfortable while on the road, hence allowing you to put your complete focus on the road reducing the chances of an accident.
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Buyer’s Guide to the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

There are key points to consider when purchasing a motorcycle bluetooth helmet. These are stated below to aid in your decision on which helmet would be best suited to you.

In the current market, there are helmets to suit everyone from the weight to all the optional extras of the bluetooth helmets which ensure all riders can be accommodated to their exact needs.

The weight of the helmet

Usually, price influences the weight of the helmet despite all the helmets being required to meet the minimum standard. The costlier helmets distinguish themselves from the cheaper ones by being lighter in weight as well as being comfier to wear during lengthy trips. On the other hand, bulkier helmets during a crash have more inertia, with this being both an advantage and disadvantage. It is because, in case of a collision, your neck muscles will have to deal with more to arrest the helmet’s motion. However, it is still advantageous since when the helmet is hit by something solid, the imparted force on the helmet will not be as forceful.

Size of the helmet

Having a helmet that is a perfect fit is critical because if it is slightly loose, it might jostle around while you are driving and consequently obstruct your field of view or cause another distraction. While at high speeds, this might prove to be fatal. Also, your helmet being too tight might cause you a headache hence reducing your awareness while on the road. Therefore, when searching for a helmet, opt for one that touches your head but does not put pressure on it. Move your helmet from one side to another to confirm it snugly fits you and in case you see any red marks on your skin after removing it, then it is too tight for you.

Furthermore, confirm that the temple, cheek and brow pads rest on your face without you pressing down on it.

The Helmet’s Aerodynamics

The rounded top design of a helmet creates a lift when at high speeds. Therefore, modern helmets come with a design which has this aerodynamic feature at the rear to deflect the air. Consequently, this creates a slight downforce or neutral situation. In case your helmet is not very aerodynamic, it will cause your neck muscles a lot of strain especially if you lack a windshield behind which you duck down.

Price of the helmet

Just like any other purchase in life, you must decide on the amount of money you are willing to spend to buy a motorcycle helmet. There is a broad price range to address different people’s preferences. If you are relatively new to riding, you should purchase a helmet that is affordable but still does not compromise on quality. As you gain more and more experience, you can buy the more expensive helmets. Some helmets have fancy decorations and cost well over $1000.

Get to know the different types of helmets

Before buying any motorcycle helmet, it is vital to know that there are six different types of helmets available in the market. These are full-face helmets, modular helmets, open-face helmets, off-road helmets, half-helmets, and dual-sport helmets. To help you decide on which type of helmet you want, you need to firstly distinguish the basic kind of helmet you want. Whichever you opt to purchase will depend on what you intend to do when wearing the helmet.  It also will go on how you plan to use your motorcycle.

Some optional features

There exists such a broad variety of extra features on helmets that it is almost impossible to state all of them. Options range from excellent ones to some that are entirely useless. All this depend on the numerous factors unique to you. This could mean chin skirts which might be helpful if you live in a place with cold weather to keep you warm.

Therefore, scrutinize every feature wisely before deciding they are going to be of use because there is no need of paying extra for a feature that is not essential.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Conclusion

Motorcycle Bluetooth helmets are a great way to communicate without being distracted from riding. Cellphone calls can be received whilst riding safely and in great quality to enable an efficient riding experience.

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