Motorcycle Backpack

The Best Motorcycle Backpack 2020

The Best Motorcycle Backpack 2020

A motorcycle backpack is a great way to carry items when riding from A to B. There are many types of backpacks to suit all rider types. Backpacks can focus on fashion or function.

Depending on how the rider wants to use the backpack, there are many security options for backpacks from drawstring to locks. Motorcycle backpacks also can be useful when weatherproof aiding in carrying items through riding and when dismounting and walking to another location. Some motorcycle backpacks can also be used as tank bags.

Motorcycle BackpackSize
Seibertron Sports Riding37 Liters
Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Molle37 Liters
Velomacchi Roll-Top28 Liters
NeatPack Durable20 Liters

Seibertron Motorcycle Backpack


  • The primary material used in the construction of this bag is 900D water-resistant thus guaranteeing everything inside remains dry. However, the sewing pinhole and zipper are not waterproof.
  • The backpack usually comes with a molle design.
  • Its exterior dimensions are 19” (H) x 11” x 11” (D) as well as an internal volume of 37. Furthermore, the bag’s chest belt can span a maximum of 60 inches and the waist belt spanning a maximum of 55 inches.
  • The construction material used in its construction is sturdy, heavy duty and durable to resist wear and tear thus can serve you for an extended period.
  • There exists plenty of pockets on the bag making it increasingly helpful for storing all your luggage with much ease in the bag.
  • Has many straps which help in ensuring the backpack is firmly held in place even while you are driving at high speeds.


  • It is significantly practical since it easily fits all the luggage you may need while on the road. It expands thereby creating even bigger storage space. Additionally, if you have less luggage, you can collapse the bag to fit your few goods perfectly.
  • Having many straps can prove vital. This is especially when travelling at high speeds since it guarantees that your backpack is firmly held in place when touring. This ensures you never misplace your items or experience damage to contents inside the bag if it was to fall to the ground.
  • The material used in the manufacture of the bag makes it very comfortable to wear even for extended durations. The construction uses excellent insulation material. This guarantees that even in scorching weather,  liquids can remains cool.
  • The bag’s design and material are perfect for motorcycle use as well as for use in your day to day activities. This makes owning this bag very practical.
  • Being waterproof, this bag ensures everything inside the bag remains safe from damage. This is particularly crucial for electrical devices which might become expensive losses.
  • Construction using heavy duty and durable material guarantees you this bag will get to serve you for a lengthy period. This therefore proving excellent value for money.
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Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Molle Helmet Holder Storage Motorcycle Backpack


  • Its construction material is made from 900D fabric which is waterproof thereby ensuring you everything inside the bag gets to remain dry even when exposed to water.
  • The bag comes with high strength solidified alloy zipper which is not waterproof like the rest of the bag’s material. However, being strengthened by alloy makes the zippers sturdy enough to resist easy wear and tear.
  • Comes with many straps which ensure you always have a firm grip of the bag while you are travelling even at high speeds consequently guaranteeing you the security of all your goods inside the backpack.
  • Has ample storage space which is large enough due to the large expandable main compartment which also has an interior which is messed for the perfect enclosure of all the small equipment. Furthermore, it comes with a small compartment which is an excellent location to store gear such as glasses.
  • The bag’s dimension is 19” (H) x 11” (W) x 11” (D) as well as a chest belt which stretches a maximum of 60 inches. Additionally, it has a waist belt which has a maximum length of 45 inches.
  • This bag’s top and the side has many security straps as well as being a Molle system backpack.


  • Having huge internal storage makes this bag a perfect choice. This is especially if you like taking long tours since it has adequate space to fit all the equipment and goods you may need. It also has various other compartments to store every equipment you might need while on the road.
  • The fabric used in the bag’s manufacture is waterproof thus making this bag quite crucial. This is especially if you travel in a region which often experiences rainfall. The bag safeguards everything inside, especially electrical gadgets which get damage after being in contact with water.
  • Having the various straps on the shoulders and waists proves crucial since they firmly hold in place the bag. This is particularly vital when you are traveling at high speeds. You also do not have to worry about the loss or damage to any of your valuables whilst touring.
  • The material used in the manufacture of this bag is durable and sturdy enough to resist wear and tear. This means you will get long life use before necessitating replacement. Subsequently, this makes this bag offers you great value for money.
  • Your helmet will fit inside the bag perfectly thus ensuring you never feel uncomfortable whilst riding on the road.
  • The material used in making this bag despite being durable is light and perfectly fits on your body. This makes it very convenient since it ensures you never feel like the bag is causing you discomfort while traveling.
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Velomacchi Roll-Top Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack – 40 Liter


  • Comes with dimensions of 32cm x 53cm x 25cm consequently giving the bag a capacity of 40 litres which is vast enough to accommodate every luggage you might necessitate while touring even longer trips.
  • The fabric used in making the bag is 1000D competition fabric which is abrasion resistant, stable at incredible speeds as well as being waterproof. Moreover, it has a ballistic quilted back panel where you can easily tuck away the shoulder straps.
  • Its main compartment is waterproof and has a magnetic roll-top closure, enough space to fit a 15-inch tablet and laptop comfortably. A magnetic sternum coupler to achieve hands-free harness closing is also present on this bag. Furthermore, the front pockets are waterproof as well and ideal location to store keys, bike locks among other apparatus.
  • Has a hydration sleeve compatible which does not include a bladder, an elastic sleeve for tire pressure gauge, a gripping side stabilizing pads and mounting plate for your camera and other accessories.
  • Has numerous pockets for storing everything you might need while on the road, with the main compartment big enough to accommodate a lot of gear required while touring, and other small pockets to store other smaller gadgets which are critical while traveling.


  • By being water-resistant, this bag proves to offer everything you carry safe and secure storage. This is particularly vital when it is electronics and are easily susceptible to damage caused by water. This bag proves to be very practical in your everyday life.
  • Having several compartments as well as one vast chamber makes this bag very appropriate. You can store easily everything you might need while touring inside the bag. This is something crucial if you frequently take extended tours.
  • The fabric used in the construction of this bag is durable and sturdy. This guarantees you longevity hence making you get an excellent value for money. Despite being durable, the bag’s fabric is not stiff thus flexible enough to house every gear you need.
  • The perfect design which is efficient while on the road. Whilst still being stylish and standing out from its competitors in the market, yet not comprising on its functionality.
  • Its quick locking system operates excellently even when you have your gloves on. This makes it very handy and time-saving, two things which prove crucial when you are taking a long trip.
  • The strap which closes the roll top is fairly long thus can hold anything firmly on the top. This could be things such as a hoodie. This is a feature which proves convenient especially if the bag is full of goods.
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NeatPack Durable, Foldable Nylon Motorcycle Backpack


  • Comes with handy 2 D-rings for attaching gear to the bag which has reflective material safety loops. It is excellent for clip-on carabiners as well as other kinds of equipment since it allows fast-access convenience.
  • Has a 100% Guarantee and to be eligible for the life insurance all you must do is registering the bag on the manufacturer’s website, guaranteeing you this is the last backpack you will purchase.
  • It has unique security features such as a hidden bottom zip pocket that is excellent for storing valuables while you are on the go. Furthermore, to prevent theft, the bag’s zippers can be bound together safely to the D-ring using a carabiner or cable lock.
  • Constructed using rugged RipStop Nylon which is waterproof as well as lightweight while at the same time still being sturdy enough to resist wear and tear. Moreover, its SBS zippers are abrasion resistant and have pulls as well as has modifiable shoulder straps.
  • The bag is spacious coming with a foldable 18 x 10” daypack that folds into the inclusive 8 x 8 pocket which makes it easy for transporting and saving of space. Subsequently, it is perfect for travelling, camping, hiking among other activities.
  • Inside of the bag’s main compartment for your luggage, be it clothes or shoes, and Velcro pockets where you can store all your electrical gadgets. Additionally, it has interior security pockets, two side mesh pockets plus a front zip pocket.


  • Having a lifetime guarantee is quite convenient. It guarantees you that you are getting a motorcycle backpack of the highest quality. If anything was to happen to it, you always have the option of taking it back for a replacement.
  • Spacious to accommodate everything you might need on long trips from extra clothes to electrical equipment. Therefore, you will always have everything you necessitate while on the road thus making this bag very practical.
  • The waterproof fabric ensures that everything inside the backpack does not get damaged in the event it rains heavily. This is helpful when you have electronics which are easily vulnerable to damage because of getting in contact with water.
  • Unlike most other bags available in the market, this bag has two D-rings which cable lock or carabiner. The aim is to deter theft. The D-rings are usually attached on the primary compartment’s front pocket zipper and double zippers.
  • Presence of the concealed pockets at the bottom of this bag guarantees you that possessions remain safe from loss. Furthermore, it proves convenient since you can easily separate different items within the backpack. These are items such as a wet swimsuit, dirty clothes, sandals among other stuff.
  • The heavy-duty RipStop nylon is fashionable, durable and ensures you will get the full life span of the bag. This subsequently proves the excellent value for money this bag offers you.
  • The motorcycle backpack can fold up easily into an included pocket and can put it away with the other luggage. When you reach your destination, all you need to do is unfolding it and start using it.
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Motorcycle Backpack Buyer’s Guide

Motorcycle backpacks can be tailored to the rider’s needs be is fashion or function. They can become available in different materials and types of security.

Below is a guide to help you choose what backpack is most suited to your needs when riding. It helps in identifying your taste with with certain materials and carrying preferences when riding.

The Location you Frequently Ride your Motorcycle

Before purchasing a motorcycle backpack, you must factor its resistance to external factors. These are elements such as rain and sun which test its durability, plus if you love riding through rough terrain. If you want a motorcycle backpack that can handle various off-road tours or sports bike drag competitions, you must go for the more expensive ones. These are more capable of handling such conditions. Common conditions such as heavy rain or scorching sun can cause impact on your motorcycle backpack. This is why you should go for the quality backpacks.

How Frequent You Ride Your Motorbike

If you are into riding your motorcycle daily, then you should go for a motorbike backpack that is more sturdy and stronger to resist the frequent exposure to the extreme weather conditions. With such quality backpack, you can enjoy epic motorcycle tours, extended trips or weekend road trips. However, if you are just a casual rider, an affordable pack would be ideal, but you must never compromise too much on the quality.

Content You Intend to Carry Inside the Backpack

When looking for a motorcycle backpack, you must choose one that stores all your essential valuables first, but still required to make a compromise since you cannot find a bag that perfectly fits all your possessions. For instance, you may use your storage space to store your spare shoes, or laptop as you ride to work every day, then you need to go for a motorbike backpack with specialised compartments.

Your Body Size and Figure

Different motorbike backpacks come in different body types and sizes, and the hip size mainly is something you must consider. Despite other motorbike backpacks providing modifiable hip straps, not all the models in the market offer such comfort, and it, for this reason, you must choose a bag which perfectly fits around your hip bone. Therefore, when deciding on a backpack, go for one that perfectly fits your waist since this will considerably impact your comfort while riding because it reduces pressure on your bag.

The Backpack’s Design

Before buying a backpack, the design of the pack is something you must consider as it affects your overall experience as well as the bag’s quality. For instance, some bags particularly those for dedicated spork bike riders come with improved aerodynamics designs which are appropriate for high speeds. Additionally, other motorbike backpacks are designed to manage to take lengthy trips thus more versatile. Lastly, the bag’s visual appeal is something you must also consider because you want to carry around something that looks sleek and cool instead of an unattractive looking backpack.

The Durability of the Motorcycle Backpack

Motorcycle riders prefer taking long tours. You should choose a bag that can withstand all the extreme weather conditions it goes through often. It is for this reason that most motorcycle backpacks are sturdy and durable.


When deciding on a motorbike backpack, you must go for one that is water resistant. Most of the backpacks are waterproof, but the ones that are not are the ones which both causal and professional riders should avoid.

Motorcycle Backpack Conclusion

Motorcycle backpacks are worth the investment. They are cheaper than purchasing panniers to attach to the side of the motorcycle and are easier to carry once finished riding at arriving at the final destination. Backpacks also can be used off the motorcycles and are very versatile with every day activities.

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